Practical Nontoxic Living | August 2017 Newsletter

a monthly newsletter Aug 31, 2017

As cooler breezes replace our hottest days in the northeast, I am pensive of the imminence of fall, a new school year, and the fleetingness of summer. 

Activities that kept my life as busy as ever now seem like a season ago! This summer, I was immersed in developing my online D-Tox Academy (still in its prenatal period), recording/producing/publishing fun and fascinating podcasts, and squeezing in rare moments in the kitchen to experiment with new recipes.

This newsletter honors the waning of a bright summer and the dawn of a new beginning by offering a selection of things I've done this summer that may enhance your transition to a new season: from a soulful podcast with a cool yoga teacher to a mouthwatering, cleansing recipe. 

I hope your best days of summer are yet to come!



1. Can yoga end suffering?

Co-founder of Yoga for Bad People, and internationally adored, Heather Lilleston is one of my favorite yoga teachers. In addition to leading an asana, or physical, practice that feels wonderful for my body, Heather’s spiritual path has also grounded my navigation through much risk and uncertainty. Click on the image below to listen. I hope it also helps you find more comfort with the uncomfortable.



2. Fresh lemongrass tea recipe

Last year, a friend of mine made the most memorable tea, made from simply simmering fresh cut lemongrass and stevia leaves (both from our garden). It was so delightful that I thought about it all year, eager to make more this summer. Click on the image below to learn how to make your own!

3. Digital dementia

I first heard of digital dementia years ago when researching electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for my book A to Z of D-Toxing. It immediately resonated with me because I was experiencing how my excessive screen time was affecting my brain functioning! Click on the image below for the quick download.


4. A mother’s quest for better health

Several months ago, a woman named Angela Cummings contacted me because my work resonated with her. Curious as to why, I invited Angela to share her personal story with toxic exposures. Turns out, her home was making her and her son sick. It's known as 'sick building syndrome,' or, in Angela's case, 'sick house syndrome.'

Read Angela's guest post by clicking on the image below. Most of us are affected by the building materials that surround us: we're just not aware of how! 



5.  Are you curious about a digital detox?

We are THIS close to launching our improved digital detox challenge. Tech-related illnesses are on the rise, and many wellness seekers are strategizing ways to continue to work and live in the modern world without sacrificing their health. Headaches, nausea, brain fog, infertility, and more serious conditions are emerging as possible consequences from too much screen time and overexposures to EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Since I consider EMFs a form of toxic exposures, and since my team and I have experienced dramatic relief from a few key changes that most people never even think about, I am excited to share this life-changing course with our D-Tox community. Stay-tuned for more on this!



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