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How Can I Reduce EMFs in the Bedroom?

bedroom emfs May 09, 2018

Written by the editorial team, and edited by Sophia Ruan Gushée

Have you ever slept through the night, yet felt like you didn’t get much sleep?

That feeling of disrupted sleep may be only one of several health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the bedroom.

What are EMFs and how are they affecting health?

EMFs are the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from electronic devices—like cellular phones, computers, tablets, Bluetooth devices, power lines, wifi routers and other electronic devices. These EMFs may contribute to cancer and other serious outcomes.

  • Electromagnetic fields from cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (meaning that it may cause cancer). (1)  – International Agency for Research on Cancer
  • Radiofrequency radiation (RFR) may lead to “detrimental biological effects.” (2) - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program

How can I get rid of EMFs in my bedroom?

Electromagnetic fields become weaker with distance so create distance between you and your electronic devices to reduce your EMF exposures. When electronic devices are turned off, they stop emitting EMFs altogether. Below are 5 tips for hacking EMFs in your bedroom:

1. Turn off electronic devices. Turn off unused devices—like computers, internet connections, tablets, and phones—so they are not exposing you to unnecessary EMFs, especially during you sleep.

2.Turn off push notifications. If turning off your devices is non-negotiable, leave the device on and turn off “push notifications”— like RSS feeds, social media notifications, and email alerts.

3. Create a home for electronic devices. Establish a spot in your home—as far from the bedroom as possible—where all electronic devices can be charged at night. Even if you don't put all your devices here, keeping as many devices as you can at this "technology home" is a great habit to develop.

4. Minimize metal in the bedroom. Metal is a conductor of electricity. By minimizing metal found in your bedroom—like mattresses, bed frames, and bedroom furniture—you can reduce the intensity of EMFs in your bedroom.

5. Unplug wireless devices and internet routers. Wireless devices and internet routers are major sources of EMFs. Consider unplugging them and/or turning them off when you don't need them (at night), and turning on just when you need them (like in the morning).

In Summary

EMFs could be disrupting sleep and causing serious biological effects. With the simple tips above, however, you can lessen the EMFs in your bedroom to facilitate more restorative sleep 



(1) World Health Organization

(2) National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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