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Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)


What are EMFs?

Most simply, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible forces that are emitted from wireless and electrical technologies. Two basic types of EMFs are low frequency (like from cell phone radiation) and high frequency (like from x-rays).

Are EMFs harmful?

There is no consensus, especially in the US, about the safety/risks of our chronic exposures to low frequency EMFs (like from cell phones). Some experts believe the science proves that we are already experiencing threatening risks. Some are not yet convinced.

However, the research has inspired precautionary measures by some health organizations and governments around the world, including Israel, France, England, Austria, and Canada. They implemented requirements for schools or public areas to restrict EMFs around children.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization, classified microwave radiation from wireless communication devices and mobile phones as a “possible carcinogen.” This is the classification also given to lead, DDT, and car exhaust. 

Why not reduce your EMFs?

There is no reason not to! This program is not about avoiding your technology. It's about learning to live with technology with more informed balance and some healthy boundaries. As a consequence, you may enjoy several benefits that are listed below.

While I was mindful of keeping my cell phone on Airplane Mode

until I needed cellular or internet service, I hadn't thought about Bluetooth technology.

It was my common practice to turn my smart devices to Airplane Mode and use a wired cable connection for Internet access whenever possible. I assumed these steps automatically shut off all major EMFs.

After a renovation that led to changes in my home's technology, I started experiencing symptoms I found strange: extreme nausea, pressure in my chest, extreme brain fog, and rapidly deteriorating memory.

After trying various ways to feel better, I started wondering about our new technology situation. Eventually, I hired an expert to measure my home for EMFs. I was shocked by what I learned.

After implementing a digital detox in my home, I felt better IMMEDIATELY. My heart, brain, memory, and nausea improved right away. Because of my immediate improvement from my first hacking of EMFs, I now recognize when I'm near Bluetooth and can then minimize exposure.

My relief of symptoms improves greatly when I implement a digital detox, and worsens when my digital exposures increase. Experiences will be unique for everyone, but I am now alert to my EMF / digital exposures and when I need a break.

This experience inspired me to create Detox Your EMFs: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox program so that others may experiment with whether they can enjoy an improved body, mind, and soul from hacking their EMFs.


- Sophia Ruan Gushée, Author of A to Z of D-Toxing

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Potential Health and Wellness Benefits



Improved sleep quality

More energy

More resilient immunity

Less burdens on the body

It may lower the risks of developing brain cancer, breast cancer, genetic damage, and more adverse health effects. 

May protect sperm quality, and blood-brain-barrier.



Less brain fog

More mental clarity

Fewer distractions

Sharper and longer focus

Better memory

Less potential burdens on, and vulnerabilities, to the brain



More mindfulness

More presence

More likeability

Better social connections

More intimacy

Improved relationships

Many who implement the tips in this program experience an IMMEDIATE improvement in sleep quality.

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