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The Link Between Technology And Depression in Children

by editorial team


Does your child spend too much time in front of a screen? And does it matter?

A 2018 study by researchers at the San Diego State University says yes.

The study found a correlation between increased smartphone use and the increased rate of depression (and suicide attempts) among teenagers. Adults may be affected too, according to a study from the University of Illinois. The study found that those who had high engagement with technology scored...

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Are Attention Disorders Linked to Technology?

By Angela Cummings


Over 6 million children ages 2-17 were diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2016, according to a study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. This is an increase of 1.7 million children with ADHD since 2003.

About 10 million adults have ADHD.

Technology may be a contributing factor.


Why Does Technology Link to Attention Disorders?

Technology can cause a lack of focus and sleep. According to Dr. Larry Rosen, “technology,...

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When Should Children Get A Phone?

by editorial team


Did you know that the average age of owning a cell phone is now only six years old?

It’s true, according to one survey.

Deciding when your child is ready to have one deserves a lot of thought. Are they ready for the responsibility and maturity associated with having a cell phone? Are you aware of potential risks—health, developmental, and emotional—from cell phone exposure and use?

This article will highlight key considerations as...

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The New Family Divide: How Can Technology Impact Family Time?

 by editorial team


Technology has been increasing at a fast pace since the late 1990’s and 2000’s, making it difficult for parents (and adults in general) to handle the challenges of changing technology in their workplaces and homes.

This increase in technology adds a new dynamic to parenting: challenging meaningful communication and strong relationships with our children. It can challenge our adult and family relationships as well.


Why does a family...

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Effects of Social Media on Teenage Relationships

by editorial team


According to researchers at the University of Washington and University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 80% of youth aged 12 through 17 are social media users. Adults are active as well, with 69% of adults using at least one social media site.

What effect could social media have on teenagers and adults, and their ability to communicate and make friends?

While the long-term effects are not yet clear, what we do know is enough to cause concern and it's worth taking...

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Risks When Living Next to A Cell Phone Tower

emf Oct 28, 2018

by editorial team


Everyone wants a fantastic cell-phone service, but the increase in cell towers and the radio waves used to transmit signals may be of concern to you.

Parents have cause for concern as signals from cell phone towers are potentially harmful to themselves or their families. Cell phone towers transmit radio frequency waves similar to other devices prevalent in our daily lives:

  • Telecommunications such as radios, TV’s, cell phones, pagers, emergency vehicle...

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The Internet That Most of Us Don't Know

children technology Oct 28, 2018

by the editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Most people think of the internet or web simply as what they access from search engines and their favorite websites like Facebook.

However, the web that we know and experience through search engines is actually only a small portion of the whole world wide web. Another lesser known part of the world wide web that you may have heard of is called the dark web.


What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is one of three parts of the world...

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Is It Safe to Be A Vlogger?

by editorial team


Watching YouTube videos has become a huge part of our lives.

Some children and adults even aspire to create their own content online. In fact, according to one survey, 75% of children want to become YouTube vloggers themselves! Online child stars (like the child in EvanTube, one of YouTube's biggest and highest-earning users) inspire people of all ages to start creating content for online. 

While fame and recognition can be a great motivator for some,...

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Are Headphones Safe for Children?

Are headphones safe for children? In 2010, a national study found that hearing loss among adolescent children had increased from 14.9% (1988-1994) to 19.5% (2005-2006). That's a 4.6% increase over 12 years.

These days, about 50% of children aged 8-12 years listen to music daily. A large part of that listening happens while using headphones.

Should you be limiting your child’s use of headphones, as well as your own? Read on to find out if headphones are safe for children and adults.


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Create A Safe Sleeping Environment in Childcare

by editorial team


Creating a healthy, safe sleeping environment is an important part of childcare and adult self-care. However, it's becoming difficult to create.

Technology may be affecting our sleep patterns. Since technology use has increased over the years, creating a healthy safe place to sleep has become a challenge.

30% of pre-school children and 50-90% of school-aged children are getting insufficient sleep.

According to researchers at Penn State, this is partially due to the...

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