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Using Everyday Items as Nontoxic Baby Bath Toys

bathroom children Aug 01, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Kids love taking baths—splashing around, and playing with their toys. However, are your children's bath toys nontoxic?

Heat and humidity—two factors created when taking a bath—increase the likelihood of chemicals releasing, including from things like baby bath toys.

Keep bath time fun and healthy with nontoxic everyday items that can be used as baby bath toys.

Benefits of nontoxic baby bath toys...

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How to Help A Child with Their Social Skills

by editorial team


Do you know how to help your child with their social skills? As a parent, you have a unique opportunity to teach your child social skills even adults struggle with, like building friendships, managing conflict, and handling rejection.


Benefits of Developing Social Skills Early

Developing social skills early is a critical part of your child’s future happiness.

Adolescents who have strong social skills are more likely to be accepted by their peers, develop...

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Criteria for Choosing an Organic Towel

bathroom kitchen Jul 27, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Most people don't realize that their towels can be a source of toxic exposures. When selecting new towels, you should know key ways to select healthier ones. With informed perspective, you can pick healthier bath towels, kitchen towels, and swimming towels.

What's wrong with non-organic towels?

Non-organic towels are often made from petrochemicals. Materials used to create non-organic towels can...

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Children’s Privacy Online: For Kids Who Type

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


As with any land of opportunity, the cyber world offers both possibilities and risks.

Just as we teach children basic safety rules in the real world (like looking both ways before crossing the street, and always wearing a seat belt in the car), parents can teach children simple protocols to be responsible and safe online.

Children Online

Through the internet, kids have the world at their fingertips. With just a click of a...

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How Technology Contributes to Obesity in Children

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Is Technology to Blame for Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity is a primary concern worldwide, including in America. One in six children struggles with being overweight, and are at risk for developing a range of health issues, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Bone and Joint Problems
  • Asthma
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Non-insulin Dependent Diabetes

Multiple reasons play a role in childhood obesity. Examples...

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Is My Damp Bedroom Causing Health Problems?

bedroom Jul 25, 2018

by editorial team 


Bedrooms can feel damp and humid sometimes. When the outdoor humidity level is high, that makes sense. Temporary dampness comes and goes with the weather. But dampness that hangs around is likely caused by another factor.

Reasons for dampness in the bedroom

Dampness in the bedroom can be caused by several factors. Here are a few of the common causes:

  • Roof leak. Leaks from a roof can affect the dampness of a bedroom, especially if the roof leak is directly...
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Sexualized Texting or “Sexting”

by editorial team


The days of passing “notes” to a crush in biology have long passed. Teens (as well as  younger and older children) can now use technology to send messages—including audio files, photos, and videos—in the blink of an eye. These messages are sometimes sexual. And they may exist forever in cyberspace. 

Cyberbullying.org defines sexting as “the sending or receiving of sexually-explicit or sexually-suggestive...

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Clean Your Shower of Mold and Mildew Without Toxic Chemicals

bathroom cleaning Jul 20, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Showers can accumulate mildew and mold that can stain the grout and caulk in your shower. Keeping the shower walls clean helps minimize bad odors and staining.

Remember that you don’t have to use toxic chemicals to remove mildew and mold. Natural cleaners can be effective while not exposing your family to toxic chemical fumes.

How to choose nontoxic cleaners

According to the National Poison Control Center, household...

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Parents: Do You Know About the Deep Web?

by editorial team 


Most parents worry about their kids and spend countless hours preparing for worst-case scenarios. We try to buy the best car seats, bundle our kids up in snow gear at the first snowflake, and research the best schools for our children. The hint of rain, the slightest chill, or a forgotten lunch will propel us to care for our children.

Care and caution are part of being a great parent. While concern and anxiety are...

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Advice for Parents About Online Pornography

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


With the advent of smartphones, it may seem next to impossible to control what your child sees on the web. While this may be true, there are tools available to help control the sites that your child can visit on the web (like parent-friendly routers you can buy, and software you can use, to limit your child’s access to the internet). 

Most importantly, have continued conversations with your children about the harmful...

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