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Is My Damp Bedroom Causing Health Problems?

bedroom Jul 25, 2018

by editorial team 


Bedrooms can feel damp and humid sometimes. When the outdoor humidity level is high, that makes sense. Temporary dampness comes and goes with the weather. But dampness that hangs around is likely caused by another factor.

Reasons for dampness in the bedroom

Dampness in the bedroom can be caused by several factors. Here are a few of the common causes:

  • Roof leak. Leaks from a roof can affect the dampness of a bedroom, especially if the roof leak is directly...
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Sexualized Texting or “Sexting”

by editorial team


The days of passing “notes” to a crush in biology have long passed. Teens (as well as  younger and older children) can now use technology to send messages—including audio files, photos, and videos—in the blink of an eye. These messages are sometimes sexual. And they may exist forever in cyberspace. defines sexting as “the sending or receiving of sexually-explicit or sexually-suggestive...

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Clean Your Shower of Mold and Mildew Without Toxic Chemicals

bathroom cleaning Jul 20, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Showers can accumulate mildew and mold that can stain the grout and caulk in your shower. Keeping the shower walls clean helps minimize bad odors and staining.

Remember that you don’t have to use toxic chemicals to remove mildew and mold. Natural cleaners can be effective while not exposing your family to toxic chemical fumes.

How to choose nontoxic cleaners

According to the National Poison Control Center, household...

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Parents: Do You Know About the Deep Web?

by editorial team 


Most parents worry about their kids and spend countless hours preparing for worst-case scenarios. We try to buy the best car seats, bundle our kids up in snow gear at the first snowflake, and research the best schools for our children. The hint of rain, the slightest chill, or a forgotten lunch will propel us to care for our children.

Care and caution are part of being a great parent. While concern and anxiety are...

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Advice for Parents About Online Pornography

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


With the advent of smartphones, it may seem next to impossible to control what your child sees on the web. While this may be true, there are tools available to help control the sites that your child can visit on the web (like parent-friendly routers you can buy, and software you can use, to limit your child’s access to the internet). 

Most importantly, have continued conversations with your children about the harmful...

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Digital Screen Time and Vision Problems

by editorial team


Electronic devices with visual displays are here to stay and feature prominently in kids' daily lives for communication, school work, and entertainment. Overuse of electronic devices of any kind with visual screens can cause tired eyes, eye strain, and computer vision syndrome.

Research reveals that kids start using digital devices as young as six months of age. By their teens, some kids use screen-based media for up to seven hours daily. According to a 2018 Q1...

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How To Get Rid of Mold On A Ceiling

mold Jul 16, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Mold is common in the home. It's tracked in on shoes and clothes from the outdoors, and enters the home when the windows and doors are open. Most of us can tolerate these amounts of mold. But when the roof leaks or plumbing pipes break, there may be larger amounts of mold that accumulate and cause health problems for children and adults.

How to identify mold on a ceiling?

Mold looks like colored spots or fuzzy growths. Often, we...

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How to have safe drinking water

water Jul 16, 2018

I drink filtered tap water as often as I can. Drinking bottled water has seemed not worth the cost, high carbon footprint, and exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals from the plastic bottles—especially when studies have found that bottled water is often just filtered tap water. 

However, as a part-time resident of Suffolk County, I frequently question the safety of our local water supply. Stories over the years fueled my concerns.


Dog dies from drinking water from...

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Sleep is Crucial For Healthy Kids

by editorial team


The National Sleep Foundation reports that ninety percent of surveyed individuals admitted to using a technology device within an hour of bedtime, and many of these are children. According to the National Sleep Foundation, digital screen time can be psychologically and physically stimulating and disruptive to sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary for growth and development, learning, weight control and creativity.

  • Growth hormone secretion occurs during sleep
  • Sleep...
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How To Get Rid Of Smelly Carpet Odor The Nontoxic Way

cleaning interior design Jul 10, 2018

by editorial team


When kids are little and catch the flu, they just want to stay in bed and sleep. That is, until their stomach says otherwise.

The race to the bathroom is a tense moment, hoping kids don't yack all over the carpet. Sometimes a few seconds more would have saved a lot of clean up time.

So, we reach under the kitchen sink to find our best carpet cleaning agent. But it’s filled with chemicals that we don’t want to expose our children or our family to....

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