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My Secret Sauce for Nutritional Punches: Cleaning the Fridge

diet kitchen Jul 16, 2015

One of my favorite parts of summer are the fresh veggies and fruits that we can eat straight from the farmers' stands. Since I make such an effort to buy organic ingredients, I hate wasting any food that results from thoughtful care.

Every few days, as our refrigerator becomes depleted, I turn our scraps into a healthy sauce that I eat as soup, or pour over pasta for the kids. It ends up being a nutrient-dense secret sauce that I also sneak into scrambled eggs and even burger...

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Unexpected Purpose: Ladybugs

environment Jul 08, 2015

With the completion of my book A to Z of D-Toxing underway, this will be the first summer since my first child was born seven years ago that I'll have free time. Since my book project immersed me into the complexities and wonders of science and nature, I've been looking forward to exploring both of them more with my children, especially since we'll be spending our summer amid farms and the ocean in eastern Long Island.

Dr. Leslie Ladd Allee of Cornell University...

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Reduce toxicants in your diet: Use Food Scores!

diet kitchen Jun 30, 2015

Since I was young, I've always been interested in food. I remember being excited to learn about the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that certain foods offer my body. In recent years, I learned about toxicants in food, including ones that can disrupt our biological processes.

Some are inevitable because our environment is polluted. Others are avoidable. Prepackaged foods often contain additional contaminants from the food preparation process and...

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3 Tips to Manage Summer Sun

sun protection Jun 23, 2015

Summer is here! Those of us who lived through a difficult winter in the northeast are especially excited to enjoy the outdoors. But how does a health conscious mom manage three young children who love
plying outside and the fact that skin cancer is growing? ("Pediatric melanoma increased by an average of two percent per year from 1973 to 2009," according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.)

1. Avoid the sun's most powerful times. Depending on where you live, the sun's most damaging rays...

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Fetal Origins: What is it?

pregnancy May 10, 2015

Could chronic conditions and diseases originate from the prenatal period? Science is increasingly showing links to this important period. Learn more about this growing field of fetal origins.


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