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Fetal Origins: What is it?

pregnancy May 10, 2015

Could chronic conditions and diseases originate from the prenatal period? Science is increasingly showing links to this important period. Learn more about this growing field of fetal origins.


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EMFs: Protect Your Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant should take extra measures to protect their developing child from cell phone radiation and other types of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The developing science is proving that the unborn child is uniquely vulnerable to EMFs.


For tips on how to reduce your EMF exposures, click here: list of tips to hack your EMF exposures.

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Flame Retardants: A Historical Summary

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Chemical flame retardants are found in many household products, including upholstered furniture, electronics, mattresses, children's pajamas, and most things (if not all) made with polyurethane foam (like mattresses and nursing pillows). They can be toxic to our bodies and planet. 

Why are they in our household products? Some say that it's because of Big Tobacco.

In addition to establishing deceptive scientific organizations around the world...

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Pool and Spa Safety

family swimming Jul 07, 2014

With summer upon us, I have been thinking and hearing more about pool safety. In one of my email mommy groups, a mom shared a good experience with Safety Turtle, a pool and spa safety alarm system. Intrigued, I looked into this product further (and S File™ readers get a special discount!), which led me to read more about water safety and water-related fatalities and injuries. Below are some highlights that I hope will provide useful perspective.

In this write-up:

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Sun Protective Clothing: Coolibar Is Our Recommendation!

sun protection Jun 30, 2014

In trying to minimize the amount of sunscreen (i.e., chemicals) put onto my children while also keeping them sun-safe, I have found Coolibar sun protective clothing to be a great addition to our family's summer vacations!  To learn more about how the company’s clothing provides extensive UV protection, we spoke with Coolibar Marketing Specialist, Ms. Jennifer Annett.

How Does The Clothing Provide Sun Protection of UPF 50+?

Coolibar carries different types of fabrics that use...
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