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September 2017 Newsletter | Practical Nontoxic Living

a monthly newsletter Sep 29, 2017


Dear D-Tox community,

September has been very busy: full of new beginnings! I share highlights below of what may be interesting, or helpful, to you and those you care about.



1. How toxic exposures may influence reproductive health

It was truly an honor to record a podcast with Dr. Hugh Taylor, head of reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. We had an important conversation that everyone should listen to. Dr. Taylor talks about not just his cutting-edge research on how prenatal exposures to cell phone radiation can permanently alter the brain, but also his thoughts on how toxic exposures may influence reproductive health as well as your risks for cancer, obesity, and heart disease. Click here to listen or review podcast show notes: Dr. Hugh Taylor with Sophia Ruan Gushee on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast.

2. Could you be sensitive to the energy emitted by your technology, and not know it yet?

I was living with a set of chronic symptoms that I attributed to poor sleep, lack of exercise, too much work, and lots of stress. Within the past couple of years, I have learned that my symptoms improve when I have given my body breaks from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are generated from WiFi routers, cell phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, printers, and more. Could you be sensitive too, but not yet know it? Click on the image below to read more.

David O. Carpenter, a public health physician and director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University of Albany's School of Public Health, believes some people suffer from EMF symptoms but just aren't aware yet that their symptoms may improve by reducing their EMF exposures. You can listen to this conversation in an upcoming podcast!

3. The importance of self-care and downtime

If you're in NYC and free on October 4, then join me at Saks Fifth Avenue for a discussion on the importance of self-care and downtime. Below are more details. RSVP via [email protected]

4. Joining the Well+Good Council

In September, Well+Good, the two-time Webby Award-winning website announced its new set of Council members, of which I am one (the Webby Award has been described by the New York Times as the "Internet's highest honor"). Below are my first published articles (as a Well+Good Council member) as well as other content related to the launch of the Well+Good Council.

Hundreds of influencers attended the event, which was held at Deepak Chopra's "homebase" at ABC Home. It was an extraordinary moment to join this community of wellness experts, and to be at my favorite retail store: ABC Home! 

5. Detox your school and office supplies

School and office supplies are often made of plastics. And some are more toxic than others. Click here for tips on choosing safer options.

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