A Parenting Must-Have: Infant CPR Video

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

Soon after my first daughter was born about 3 years ago, I spent a fair amount of money hiring an infant CPR expert to come to our home to train our nanny, my husband, and myself. Learning the CPR skills during this session, after a long day at work, was challenging (my brain and body were exhausted), especially as we approached the end of the two hour session! I had the best intentions to practice afterwards, but I never did. (I was lucky that I never had to test my CPR skills!)

A few months later, a new nanny suggested that I have our CPR skills refreshed. Agreeing, I dreaded the thought of having to spend a few hundred dollars again on CPR training, and our schedules are such that all of us attending a class was unrealistic. As I researched options, however, I came across a wonderful infant CPR kit, created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, that includes a DVD and CPR doll to practice on. For just $35, I get to refresh my CPR skills at my convenience as well as have any new babysitter, nanny, parent, etc. view the video and practice on the doll. This is something that I definitely wish I knew about sooner!

  Infant CPR Anytime: Personal Learning Program [With CPR Learning Manikin, Practice Phone, Etc. and DVD]  

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