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Are EMFs, WIFI, or Bluetooth Causing Sleep Disturbance?


With the exponential growth in internet usage over the past few decades, our bodies have experienced unprecedented exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). I think of this as EMF pollution, a term used to describe a type of toxic exposure from things like products that use wifi and bluetooth as well as items plugged into electrical outlets. While we have unique sensitivities to any type of toxicant, some commonly reported symptoms of EMF pollution include:

  • Feeling more anxious, and stressed
  • Disturbed sleep, or insomnia
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, and light-headedness
  • Attention issues, and brain fog
  • Headaches, migraines, and nausea

While foreign governments--like France, Belgium, Canada and others--offer warnings and recommendations to limit their populations' EMF exposures, especially children's, the US government has not yet followed suit. As a result, residents of the United States have unprecedented EMF exposures from the rapid growth and adoption of Bluetooth and WIFI products. (More on that here). 

Years ago, after reading about the dangers associated with WIFI, Bluetooth, and other technologies, I reached a point at which I could no longer ignore potential health threats. So I hired Matthew Waletzke-- Building Biology Environmental Consultant and founder of Healthy Dwellings--to come into my home to measure EMF pollution throughout my NYC home. He was highly recommended to me by a mother, an ex-Wall Street research analyst, who had researched EMF exposures in greater detail than I had.

Last summer, while living in our country home outside NYC, I decided to hire Matthew again to measure that home. I debated for a while whether that was a reasonable thing to do. But, for months, I had been feeling extreme fatigue, nausea, an indescribable discomfort in my chest, drastically deteriorating memory, tingling in my fingertips, and unusually bad sleep. After starting to wonder whether my symptoms could be related to a new technology setup in our home, I became concerned enough about my children's exposures that I hired Matthew.

Matthew detected various disturbing measurements, including high exposures in one of my children's bedrooms as well as in common areas like the family room. While upsetting, I was most BLOWN AWAY to discover that the highest frequency of EMFs in my entire home was right in my office, where I was spending 8-10 hours every day! And where I spent a lot of my past while pregnant and nursing.

Even though I had turned off the WIFI connection and used a cable Internet connection, I didn't think to turn off Bluetooth technology. As soon as we turned off the Bluetooth on my computer, I immediately felt better. I know recognize when I'm near Bluetooth exposures. Before, my symptoms were so chronic, I thought it was my aging normal self. I didn't know I could feel better, but I now do. And so can you!

Luckily, the issues that emerged through Matthew's measurements were relatively simple to correct. And I felt immediate improvements once I made the recommended changes.

Detoxing your home can protect you from electromagnetic pollution and can improve the following:

  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Concentration, and mental clarity
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Nausea
  • Healing  
  • Risk of developing cancer, Alzheimer's disease, neurotoxicity, and reproductive issues*
  • Chances of developing a healthier child if pregnant*

Vintage Alarm Clock | PNL – EMF Health Effects

Listen to my podcast interview with Matthew Waletzke below. You'll hear personal stories about how EMFs can interfere with sleep quality. You'll learn simple steps you can incorporate to drastically reduce your EMF exposures. 


  • When Matthew measured his NYC bedroom's EMF exposures, it was standard for NYC standards. But it was 100x higher than a suburban standard. After shielding his exterior wall and window of his bedroom, his wife, unaware of the shielding, immediately felt calmer in their bedroom after she walked into the shielded room.
  • About six months later, his sleep was disturbed again so he measured his bedroom. The EMF exposures had increased. The new exposure came from a replaced cable modem that automatically came with WiFi built into it.
  • Common household products that can emit high levels of EMF/RF exposures: home computing, printers, and items plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • After Matthew experimented with turning off all electricity in his home, he experienced amazing sleep. We should be aware of how these EMF exposures may tax our bodies because these burdens can take a toll on our bodies over time.
  • The FCC has been focused on the effects from the thermal heating from EMFs. However, the FCC should consider non-thermal heating effects. That's a key factor in why there have been different interpretations of studies on the health effects from EMFs.

TIPS for Protecting Yourself from EMF Pollution

  • Leave printers off until you need them.
  • Avoid cordless phones, if possible. Or, keep cordless phones outside the bedroom. At the very least, don't keep them near the bed.
  • Keep cell phones on airplane mode at night.
  • Activity bands have low powered Bluetooth. It's hard to know how those low levels may impact you. Consider avoiding them.
  • Any appliance plugged into an electrical outlet emits exposures. That's not necessarily bad but be mindful of where these appliances are plugged in. Avoid these plugged in items next to, and underneath, the bed. 
  • Metal in and around the bed/mattress can contribute to creating electrical fields, which can impair your sleep quality.

Interested in starting a digital detox? Join our Airplane Mode Challenge! Intended to help you explore whether you could feel better from reduced EMF exposures, it's FREE and easy.

 * Source: Environmental Health Trust

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