Baby Toothbrush: Getting Baby to Brush Just Got Easier

teeth Mar 21, 2017

Before getting this toothbrush, my daughter had a couple traditional (non-electronic) children's toothbrushes.  This electronic toothbrush has made it much easier for me to get my daughter to brush her teeth!  I can't get her to stop brushing her teeth with this brush!  My only complaint is that after having it just maybe 1-2 months, the brush looks like it needs replacing, maybe because my daughter is biting on the brush head, maybe because of another reason.  After having to buy a couple new brushes, we stopped using the "electronic" toothbrush after she got in the habit of brushing her teeth (because the brush head quickly needed replacement).  So, not the best long-term solution but a great transition tool!


Summer Infant Gentle Vibrations Massager And Toothbrush (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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