Beaba Babycook

homemade babyfood Mar 21, 2017

We recently went to a friend's apartment for a lovely brunch and the (French) mother had Beaba Babycook in her kitchen, which I had been eyeing in the Williams Sonoma catalogues, thinking that I should look into buying it whenever baby #2 arrives.  I asked the mom how she liked it and she LOVED it, raved about it and said that the free cookbook that accompanied her purchase (I think she bought it in Europe) had wonderful recipes.  It sounded wonderful, making it much more convenient to provide healthy meals for your child. (I was also thinking that it might help me eat healthier snacks for when I'm pregnant again.)

Soon after, I looked up the Amazon customer reviews and was concerned that one customer review noted that the plastic in Beaba Babycook has BPA.  Disappointed, I thought, well, maybe they'll figure out a healthier solution by the time I really need it.  Then, tonight, as I flipped through the latest Williams Sonoma catalogue, I noticed language saying that there are no detectable amounts of BPA from the Beaba Babycook plastic.  So I looked online and found that this appears to be true.  Click here for more.  I'm interested in trying it the next time I think I'll use it.  If you have personal experience, please share them through the Comments section!


BEABA Babycook, Sorbet

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