BPA: Greens and Soy May Be An Effective Defense

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

The CDC estimates that right now BPA is in the bodies of 93 percent of Americans, with higher levels in teens than in adults, and higher levels in children than in teens.

BPA, commonly found in plastics, is a potent hormone disruptor that is increasingly linked to health effects like brain and behavior changes, cancer, and reproductive system damages.

Children are often times exposed through clear plastic baby bottles, toddler sippy cups, dental sealants, the interior coating of some food cans, sport bottles like Nalgene, and five-gallon water jugs.

You can reduce your family's exposure to BPA by removing products with BPA from your home.  In Japan, where they have already banned BPA, they have seen a rapid drop in BPA levels in their bodies.

In addition, researchers at Duke University show that they could completely block BPA damage in animals, even in the face of significant exposure, by giving pregnant animals extra folate (found mostly in green leafy vegetables – foliage – such as spinach) or extra genistein (found mostly in legumes such as soy).

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