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Furniture for Kids that are conscious of both the planet and our homes

Mar 21, 2017

Below is a list from of cute, low-toxic, eco-friendly furniture and design elements for the children's rooms!  Below are a few more eco-chic products.  A fantastic resource has been the website Inhabitots.  Inhabitots aggregates the latest eco-friendly products so it's a fun and interesting website to explore!


Storage by The Q Collection


The Q Collection Junior Abiding by their mantra "People Safe. Planet Safe," The Q Collection Junior makes beautifully designed low-toxic children's furniture and organic cotton bedding.  All of their products are free of formaldehyde and polyurethane so you can feel comfortable having them in your home.  They also use water-based glues, stains, and topcoats.  Paints are zero- or low- VOC finishes.  The adorable (but pricey) storage units have water-based ink and low- or no- VOC finishes so they won't impair the air quality of your home.  The crib sheets are made of 100% organic cotton and no toxic chemical treatments or finishes are used

Tree Shelf by Graphic Spaces


Graphic Spaces -- Book Shelf Graphic Spaces was started by husband and wife team Christy and Joe Wernert.  Their family wood shop supplies the wood for their unique furniture and room accessories, like this fun book shelf.  The wood used by Graphic Spaces is sealed in non-toxic finish making it safer for children.

Wall Decals by Graphic Spaces


Graphic Spaces -- Removable Wall Decals Graphic Spaces also makes a fun variety of removable wall decals that are perfect for the children's room or playrooms.  These removable vinyl wall decals are made in the USA. They offer a fun and easy DIY project for you and your kid. They can also be labeled with your child's name ensuring a personalized touch to any room!



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