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Gift Guide: Turn Home Into the Healing Place for a More Restorative 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Give loved ones the gift of nature for their homes.

Detoxing your home and integrating nature indoors is key to transforming your home into the healing place we all deserve.

The gift guide below is a curated list of ten fun options: plants, indoor trees, an indoor herb garden, Home Detox 101, and more. Most items in the gift guide below is available on Amazon, which doesn't get more convenient!

Click on any image below to learn more. Please note that I earn an Amazon affiliate fee if you purchase something after clicking on an image below. If you do: thank you!


1. Indoor Orange Tree

I ordered this orange tree last February, and it's doing well! It needs a lot of sunshine, and during certain times, it's highly fragrant.


2. Avocado Tree

I bought one for my mother as a birthday gift. I hope to be getting one this year too. 

3. Weeping Fig Tree

I have a friend who has a decades old, ceiling-height weeping fig tree that I'm in love with. The one below can grow to be 6 feet tall! My friend's tree is at least 9 feet tall.

4. AeroGarden (LED) Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Grow your own herbs to add fresh nutrients to smoothies, soups, pastas, and more. This is a wonderful family gift.

5. Mini Water Garden

This mini ecosystem contains a self-cleaning fish tank that nourishes the organic microgreens on top! The fish waste fertilizes the plants & the plants clean the water. Use greens in smoothies or salads.

6. Terracotta Plant Watering Stakes

This has really decreased the frequency at which I need to water my plants and trees! These watering stakes have undoubtedly protected my investments in plants by saving the lives of many of them.

7. Pebbles for root drainage

Upon purchase, plants should often be re-potted into a bigger container since most of them are packaged in containers that are too small for them. Adding rocks at the bottom of the new container helps prevent the roots from rotting. 

8. Home Detox 101

Essential to the healing place is the removal of sources of pollution—especially of what you don't even love! I created the program below to help you more efficiently craft a home detox that is achievable for you. Give the gift of a healthier home to you or someone you care about! Click on the image below to learn more. You can give and receive it as a beautifully wrapped with my book A to Z of D-Toxing and a D-Tox Academy tote bag.

9. Air plants

Low maintenance (they don't need soil), air plants are fun additions to the home as they like to be held. Caring for them can be fun chores for children.


10. Plant Dolly

If you're buying heavy trees and plants, then consider putting them on wheels. I find this helpful as I get to know which parts of my home are best for the plants and trees. Once on this dolly, it's easy to roll them to a new spot to adjust for sun, or away from ventilation. 

Deconstruct to reconstruct.

Deconstruct to reconstruct your home, purchases, and habits for a practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle. We're bringing consciousness to unconscious choices.


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