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How Home Can Become Your Hottest Wellness Destination

events home Mar 06, 2018


I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of Well+Good's recent talk about why home is becoming the hottest wellness destination.

With technology having us be more productive and busier than ever, I need my home to be where I can restore all parts of me.


"A healthy home does not harm my body, and it facilitates the restoration of my body, mind, soul, energy, and spirit."

—Sophia Gushee


Our indoor environment is more polluted than outdoors

Most people don't know that indoor air tends to be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in the most industrialized cities.(1) And dust has been found to harbor dozens of toxic chemicals (like pesticides and coal tar) and heavy metals (like lead).

Tweaks in behavior can improve your indoor environment

Simple house rules can hack toxic exposures.

  1. Open windows when outdoor air quality isn't poor (those with allergies can use an app to monitor outdoor allergens). This can help ventilate trapped VOCs (volatile organic compounds that get emitted from household products and materials).
  2. Don't allow shoes to be worn in your home, and use a large doormat for your home's entrance. The EPA has estimated that wiping the bottom of shoes on a large doormat at the entrance of your home, and not wearing shoes at home, can reduce lead dust by up to 60%.(1)
  3. Wash your hands before you eat. Scientists, who study toxic chemical flame retardants that escape household products and settle in dust, recommend that we wash our hands before we eat.(1) Children should have their hands washed more often since they crawl and play on the floor and put their hands in their mouths more frequently than do adults.

For more about the lovely Well+Good Talk and what fellow speakers shared, please click here: "THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS HEALTHY HOME EXPERTS DO TO CREATE A WELLNESS PAD."

I was honored to be among my fellow experts: In the image below, from left to right, are Shelly Lynch-Sparks (founder of HYPHEN Interior Designs), myself, Deborah Hanekamp (founder of Mama Medicine), and Melisse Gelula (co-founder of Well+Good and Chief Content Officer). 

The event took place at the beautiful The Assemblage Nomad in New York City.

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