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Should your home be mindful too?

home Jun 21, 2018


The media is reporting that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have moved into the first and only Manhattan residential building designed by the late Zaha Hadid, which my husband, Greg Gushee, developed on behalf of the Related Companies. (Check out the gorgeous, curvaceous facade in the picture below!)



Recently, at an event for a curated audience, my husband and I were interviewed there by Cristina Cuomo, founder and editor-in-chief of the beautiful wellness magazine Purist.



When people ask me how my husband and I met, I sometimes answer that our love for real estate kept bringing us together, which is true. Fast forward many years later, my husband and I continue to inspire each other! At the recent wellness event at the Zaha Hadid's 520 W28, Cristina Cuomo engaged us in a conversation about healthy homes.  



While most people know that healthy living incorporates nutritious diets and regular exercise, few people consider the quality of their indoor environments. Should our homes be mindful too? Yes! At this recent event, I shared easy tweaks from my book A to Z of D-Toxing that people can implement immediately to create a healthier home (like, leave shoes at your front entrance!). My husband discussed how some of these ideas were incorporated into the design and building of Zaha Hadid's 520 W28. 

To learn more about what you can consider for a mindful home, click here for more tips I shared with PureWow.



Thank you, Heather, for organizing and inviting me to this event, and sharing your new passion for spreading awareness about healthy homes!



With Sting as a resident, and Ariana Grande a reported new resident, I'm thrilled that more of the world is getting to know this gorgeous example of artful living. Bonus: It was designed with the mindfulness of the health of both its residents and our planet!



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