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Healthy supplies for online working & learning from home

This mobile, adjustable, standing desk allows your neck to be upright as you view a digital screen for back to school 2020 remote learning or working from home online. 

The items below improve the conditions that can alleviate:

  1. back pain
  2. body aches
  3. "text neck"
  4. adverse effects of blue light exposure (including sleep disruption)
  5. EMF exposure (by creating distance from the laptop and the body)


Since April 2020, I have spent many hours in front of a computer (working on some exciting projects!).

However, I would leave my desk and spend the rest of the day with a sore lower back and limited mobility in my neck and right arm. When walking, I would notice discomfort in my feet and right leg too. It got so bad that the pain persisted even during my sleep.

Eventually, I started to wonder whether it was my office chair!

Then, very early one morning when I went to my computer, the opened Amazon page displayed a kneeling chair that was designed with your spine in mind. Debating whether it was worth the hefty price tag, I "sat" with the idea for a few months.

After my pain and discomfort became intolerable, I decided to invest in the kneeling chair. Relatively soon after using it, pain and discomfort dissipated. And the tightness in my feet went away and improved in my legs.

As more of us continue with working from home online and the 2020 school year commences with remote learning embedded in our schedule, I wanted to share the items below, which has helped my family alleviate physical stress from chronic sitting in front of a digital screen. These items also help those of us working from home!

You can click on any of the images below to learn more about them on Amazon. 

Kneeling Chair

This kneeling chair by Peter Opsvik has helped my lower back pain. I considered cheaper versions but was concerned about the toxic chemicals in the cheaper materials, and would find Amazon reviews that mentioned the strong smells from the cheaper options. My concerns related to potentially toxic flame retardants, chemicals in the fabrics and foam padding, and VOCs from adhesives and paints. The option below is what I was most comfortable having in my home.

Mobile, standing desk

When sitting, this desk allows your eyesight to be at a level that reduces the risk of developing or exacerbating "text neck," which is more likely to develop now that we spend many more hours in virtual meetings and classes. The wheels and dimensions make it easy to roll this mobile desk among the rooms in my home.

Wired keyboard

I avoid unnecessary wireless radiation so I prefer wired keyboards. This wired keyboard can be placed on the lower shelf of the mobile desk (above), supporting better posture during class, homework, or meetings. Just remember that you may need to purchase an adaptor to connect the keyboard to your laptop.

Blue light filter glasses

Oprah put this brand, Peepers, of blue light filter glasses on my radar, and I love the red ones! The fun color makes it easier to get my kids to wear them.

Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Over the summer, my neck had absorbed a lot of tension. Yoga and other Covid19-friendly methods (i.e., no massages) weren't helping enough. Somehow, I ended up researching buckwheat neck pillows online, and this really helped relieve a lot of neck tension. With the stresses from our pandemic and more time at home, re-evaluating what alleviates your neck tension while you sleep may really help you as well.


As we spend more time sitting in front of a digital screen to work and learn, it's never been more important that we bring mindfulness to our workspaces and habits. The items above help bring awareness to our posture, blue light exposures, need for movement, and EMF exposures from our technology and technology habits.

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