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How EMFs & Screen Time Impact Our Sleep

Aug 29, 2017


In some ways, we are thriving in this golden age of technology. From our phones to our smart home appliances, we are always digitally connected and this technology brings us convenience, efficiency, entertainment, and helpful information.

At night, when we prepare for sleep, many of us even reach for our phones, tablets, or laptops to help us unwind. Once we're ready for sleep, we often plug the device into an electrical socket near the nightstand, and close our eyes to drift off for rest. However, while this disconnects our attention and interaction from our technology, technology's influence on us continues throughout our sleep.

How EMFs affect our sleep

When a stone is dropped into a still body of water, ripples spread. That is similar to the waves of radiation that are being emitted from your electronic devices. These waves of radiation are called EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

The difference between our devices and a stone falling into water is that these radiation waves don’t stop spreading after a few minutes. They are constantly generated from electronic devices that surround us: computers, cell phones, tablets, digital alarm clocks, WiFi routers, game consoles, and even baby monitors.

These radiation waves can reach into our body tissues as well. Studies show that this may affect various things, including our sleep patterns, and consequently, our moods the next day.

Where do EMFs come from?

Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops

When you are using your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, the digital screen's blue light is slowing down your production of melatonin, which is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. When your melatonin is out of balance, your quality sleep is compromised. This can contribute to you waking up feeling tired at the start of your day.


Many of us also watch TV in bed as part of our bedtime routine. And some of us fall asleep with the TV on, waking up in the middle of the night to shut it off.

This may not only amplify EMFs in your bedroom, but studies show this habit could also lead to depression and poor moods when awake.

So, turning off your TV and trading your smart phone for a paper book before going to sleep can boost your sleep quality. But there's even more you can do too! 

Other Sources of EMFs

The lightbulbs we use in our bedrooms also affect the EMFs that our bodies sleep in. For example, fluorescent light bulbs can emit more EMFs than standard incandescent ones.

Around your bedroom, your WiFi router is constantly emitting EMFs as well. Even when you aren’t actively using it, the WiFi router can be a primary source of EMF radiation in your home.

And don’t forget about appliances that are plugged in, such as your digital alarm clock, fan, and extension cords. These may create "dirty electricity" that burden our body, even when these devices are off.

How to decrease your EMF exposure?

One simple solution is to turn off all of your devices in your bedroom, and keep them away from your head while you sleep (about 10-15 feet).

A better solution is to keep all of your devices in another room. You can unplug the remaining electronics in your bedroom before you go to bed. More convenient: start consolidating your plugs into a power strip to disconnect more electronics with one button.

It is always a good idea to limit your usage of electronic devices before sleeping.

If you're having difficulty sleeping due to EMF exposures, check out our 8 tips to prevent EMF sleep disturbance and consider an EMF Detox

Detox Your EMFs

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