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How to Stay Fed and Satisfied on a Budget, by a GLOWING Raw Foodie

Mar 21, 2017


When I first dived into the raw diet a year ago, I was struck by how expensive it was to eat this healthy.  My friend, Cassie, who always inspires me to eat as cleanly as she does (partly because her skin is so clear and radiates) said that it doesn't have to be so pricey.  Below, she shares her tips on eating cleanly without going broke!

Not only am I a thrifty shopper, but I'm also a lazy chef.  Ironically, I'm in culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute to really develop some skills in the kitchen (to be shared with S Filers, of course!).  In the meantime, I rarely spend more than $50 per week on (mostly organic) groceries to feed me, my boyfriend, and the dog.  (The dog is a newer addition and she has fairly expensive taste, always hogging the sea veggies and my favorite greens!)  How do I manage to keep my wallet so full and stay so satisfied on a diet of primarily raw and vegan organic goods?  It has taken me time to learn my surroundings -- the best shops/coops, learning to eat seasonally, bopping by the farmers market, and the biggest money saver of all will be starting at the end of June: my CSA.  (Check out www.localharvest.org/csa/ to find your local CSA, and HURRY because if your neighbors are smart, they'll be filling all the available spots.)

What's so great about all of this is not just that I can now spare some cash for my favorite charities (www.woodstockfas.org) but I am really minimizing my carbon footprint by eating local fruits and veggies... and well, less of much else.  As we know, processed foods and animal products are REALLY harmful to the environment.

One last tip: if you live near the East Village in NYC, shop at the 4th street COOP.  It's a tiny hole in the wall with ALL organic produce, the BEST AND CHEAPEST sea veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, etc.  I do not think I'd be able to make as many veggie juices as I do without the prices here.  If you live elsewhere, search for your own little gem.  Of course, I do indulge in juices from juice bars pretty often (hey, I said I was lazy!) and have found some seriously good deals!  One new fav spot is called Terri.  Its on 64 W 23rd st near 6th ave.  Ready??!  Norwalk Organic Green juices for $6.50!  Can't beat that!  Most other places are now charging $10 for these goodies.  Good luck shoppers!

Happy Weekend!

Cassie Karopkin

Note: Cassie has a wealth of valuable information and tips.  Self-described as a former "junk-food" vegetarian, she now embodies a health, radiance and happiness that we would all love to have.  She is a member of our very new (and still developing!) online forum.  You may reach her at The S File's online forum.  Her member name is "cassveg."


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