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Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

a monthly newsletter May 12, 2017

Hello, D-Tox Community!

We hope you're finding helpful remedies during this tough allergy season. As our children's school nurse emailed recently, even though each year it's often said that "this is the worst allergy season" ever, this year, is truly the worst allergy season ever. I have been struck by how much our 4-year-old daughter has been suffering: swollen, stingy eyes; and severe congestion at night.

Stinging Nettle Tea

If you're still looking for natural remedies, check out our blog post on stinging nettle. My team member, Eden, introduced me to stinging nettle tea as it really helps her immunity and allergy responses. I've been lucky this season and have not noticed allergy symptoms in myself, but found learning about stinging nettle fascinating!

Click here: Stinging Nettle Tea 


Join our next #AirplaneModeChallenge May 15th- 22nd!

We have received such positive feedback from past #AirplaneModeChallenge participants that we've decided to offer it on a monthly basis. Our 7-night #AirplaneModeChallenge is a simple and straightforward way to access better sleep by reducing cell phone radiation at night.

Learn more about the challenge and join at this link. 


Pillars of Health

Last week, I hosted my first Innovators of Wellness event. It was quite amazing to think of the idea in early January, and realize the dream by May 4!

I'm so grateful for the participation of five trailblazers in wellness: Dr. Frank Lipman, an internationally-recognized expert in integrative medicine; Abby Levy, President of Thrive Global;  Melanie Whelan, CEO of SouCycle; Melisse Gelula, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Well + Good; and Greg Gushée, EVP of Related Companies. It was fascinating to research each speaker and ask them questions. Each speaker enjoyed about a ten-minute spotlight, and then we talked as a group. Each person involved was so whole-heartedly giving in their contributions.

It was fascinating to research each speaker and ask them questions. Each speaker contributed whole-heartedly.

The event was recorded and we'll be sharing video clips over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please browse pictures from the inspiring event by clicking below.

To view pictures and read opening/closing remarks, please click here: Innovators of Wellness on 2017 May 4.

And thank you Kwame Campbell (class of 1992), Co-President Brown Club in New York! I really appreciate your leading support of the Brown alumni network. 

Attendees can also access their photos and tag themselves in our Facebook album

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