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My Detox: Day 1

Mar 21, 2017


My Cleanse: 4 Green Juices, 1 Spicy Lemonade, and 1 Cashew Milk (Yum!)

9:00 A.M.


I've been up for a few hours and I'm not that hungry.  I decide to start my digestive system with some plain Rooibus tea.  Oh, right.  I've been meaning to make an appointment with my friend, Cassie, who is a very knowledgeable colon therapist.  I'm a little nervous for a session, but, on some level, it makes sense that my body needs some help eliminating all that the juices are meant to carry to the colon.  I've done it before (but only with Cassie).  It's never hurt, so I may as well...



Cassie can see me today at 1:15pm.  Even though it won't be my first time, I'm scared!



I'm not necessarily hungry but I'm going to get the juices started so that I consume a good amount before seeing Cassie.



I finished my first green juice and I'm freezing!



Getting a little hungry so I'm thinking about my second juice.  But, I'm so cold that I think I'll have some more tea first.



Having more of my Rooibus tea in front my email inbox.  I'm just realizing that I  never read my Welcome email from BPC!  Reading it, I see that they recommend starting your cleanse day with some hot water and lemon.  They have tips to help the detox process.  The tips include a colonic, which I remembered from last year when I did the BPC.  Exfoliating, which I almost always do.  Massage  -- I forgot about a massage!  Hmm... what a wonderful excuse to get one .  Will have to see if I can squeeze it into my schedule.




Just got back from seeing Cassie, and am drinking juice #3.  Strong lemon taste.  I know lemons are supposed to be especially helpful in cleansing.

The session with Cassie wasn't comfortable, but I'm glad I went!  It seemed highly productive.  I'm going back on Friday, the last day of my juice cleanse.

While in the waiting room, I started chatting with a new colon therapist.  I asked her how she got into this field and she explained that she used to be very sick -- very bad migraines and epileptic seizures.  She was on tons of medications for a long time.  She then read The Raw Food Detox Diet and called the author, Natalia Rose.  After getting to know Natalia better, Natalia put her in touch with Cassie.  Her appointment arrived so I couldn't learn any more.  But I was struck by how great her skin was.  Both hers and Cassie.  Oh, and she said that she's completely cured now, sans medications.

Cassie encouraged me to not detox aggressively, which triggered memories of hearing those messages before, that bad things happen when the detox is too aggressive.  She also pointed out that since I'll hopefully be pregnant later this year, going from an aggressive detox to (being pregnant and) craving less healthy things will be too much of a shock for my system.  Makes sense.  Okay, will be more moderate...

Another interesting thing she said is that she has noticed that I hold emotional stress in my stomach, or in certain areas around my stomach.  She asked me if I noticed that my "system" is more regular when I'm not as stressed.  Knowing the general concept that stress can wreak havoc on one's digestive tract, it never occurred to me that this was happening to me!  I thought it was fascinating.  I'll pay more attention.  Cassie said that she never would have understood or believed that some people hold emotional stress in their stomach, except that she's experienced it so much in others through her work.  (During a session, she presses against the digestive area.)



The rest of the afternoon got really busy with work and my kids.  I had juices #4 and 5.  I was really hungry.  Have been drinking tea all day.

Sitting through dinner with my oldest daughter was hard.  She didn't eat her pasta dinner but was devouring edamame and fruit.  The edamame looked so good and harmless...  I can't cave though!

It's almost the end of our hectic day, so I'll have my cashew milk soon.  I think I've been delaying it because I'm afraid not to have anything else to consume!



Just finished my last bottle for the day, the cashew milk.  It was delicious, filling, ...  I feel satisfied, but still cold!  I'm excited to see how I feel in the morning.  The first day is always the hardest for me.

Please note that this 3-day BluePrintCleanse was a complimentary cleanse to me.

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