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My Detox: Day 2

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

My Cleanse: 4 Green Juices; 1 Spicy Lemonade, and 1 Cashew Milk (Yum!)

7:30 A.M.


I've been up since 5:50AM -- exhausted -- but feeling a nice buzz of energy that I don't normally experience (it's a juice - fast buzz).



Rushing to do a school tour so I drink about 2/3 of my first green juice for the day.  Am not hungry!



Just got home.  It's freezing in NYC!  I'm so tired that I'm really craving a large coffee.  Instead, I have green juice #2.


Such a busy day... having juice #3.  I'm not hungry, am feeling good, but just miss eating.  It's really hard when others are cooking at home and I'm smelling yummy food.  Oh well...



Have been tied up most of the afternoon so I haven't had a chance to drink much juice, water or tea.  I go for juice #4, the spicy lemonade.  It's good and I feel fine.  Really looking forward to eating though...



Sitting with my daughter at the dining table, keeping her company while she eats some delicious smelling, "healthy" spring rolls.  All I can think about are the spring rolls...  I get up to get green juice #5.

My daughter asks for a sip.  She loves it.  She wants more.  And more.  Then asks, "can you get more of this?  I really like it."  Then wants to finish the rest of my bottle.  She probably had 1/4 of my last green juice of the day.  I'm just so happy she drank all those vegetables!



Finished my cashew milk, which I really love.  I'm feeling satisfied and looking forward to sleep.  My sleep feels different -- more restorative -- during this cleanse and I suspect I'll wake up feeling even better in the morning.


Please note that this 3-day BluePrintCleanse was a complimentary cleanse to me.

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