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Nontoxic, Moisturizing Bath for Dry Skin

bath nose self-care skin Jan 07, 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


I suffer from extremely distracting dry skin. If I'm not thoughtful and proactive about moisturizing my dry skin from right after I bathe or shower, then my attention becomes very distracted for the rest of the day by my cracked skin and chapped hands.

In the winter, my sleep is also interrupted by my dry itchy skin: sometimes I want to rip off the dry itchy skin on my back and the side of my ribs! Really.

With sensitive skin, I have been searching almost my whole life for moisturizing solutions that work. Since before the idea of A to Z of D-Toxing (like, from 2008), I've also been seeking to detox those dry itchy skin solutions. One realization is that I should avoid "fragrance" in bath products.


Ingredients for a Nontoxic, Moisturizing Bath for Dry Itchy Skin

While a bath can feel luxurious with bath products scented of lavender or other soothing scents, you should know that the ingredients in "fragrance" can also expose you to risky ingredients. Bath products often include synthetic fragrances, which often expose us to chemicals that can contribute to hormone disruption, allergic reactions, neurotoxicity, respiratory issues, and more (A to Z of D-Toxing).

Phthalates can be a hormone disrupting chemical often found in "fragrance" formulas. While we would all benefit from avoiding exposures to phthalates and other hormone disruptors, certain demographics should be especially conservative. Examples include pregnant women (especially for the unborn child), children, and teenagers.

A simple detox tip is read product ingredient labels, and avoid "fragrance" when you can.

An excellent baby step is to avoid fragrance in products that you don't love. For now, hold on to the products you love. Let's detox everything else!

For a nontoxic bath, consider using one or more of the following:

  • a bar of organic coconut milk. It’ll be solid in cooler temperatures (like in the northeast winter season), and can be rubbed on your skin to help remove dead skin and moisturize.
  • fresh (or frozen, like in the picture above) organic eucalyptus leaves, or organic rose petals, dried herbs, or tea (this tip is from MamaMedicine!)
  • 100% pure essential oils (I use, and am a Wellness Advocate of, doTERRA essential oils)


The textile experience of playing with the coconut milk and eucalyptus leaves is enjoyed by both children and adults!


In Summary

Dry itchy skin can be very uncomfortable and distracting. Finding effective relief should also be nontoxic. Consider incorporating a nontoxic coconut milk bath as one part of your self-care routine. If you crave scents, then you can use 100% pure essential oils. For extra luxury, include organic eucalyptus leaves, rose petals, herbs, or tea. 

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