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On The Podcast: Essential Oils for Healing

essential oils healing Jan 05, 2017


"I believe if you do the right things in terms of detoxing & supplementation, and if you supplement that all with energy work, you are able to literally do anything with your physical body"

-Alaknanda Nabar, Family of Light Holistic Center


Have Questions About Essential Oils?

We did too.

Essential oils have been rumored to help with better sleep, seasonal or environmental threats, runny nose, immunity, skin blemishes/imperfections, dry skin, stress, calming emotions, and soothing anxious feelings. Our interests were seriously piqued when we heard about people using essential oils to support structures and functions of the body like the brain, including mild memory loss associated with aging.

Although we've always been intrigued-- there's been hesitation, as well. After all, as our guest Ala shares in the podcast, ONE drop of peppermint essential oil is equal to TWENTY cups of peppermint tea. That degree of potency requires as much awe as it does caution.

Essential oils are, essentially, hyper-doses of plant medicine. Whereas herbalists often work with a garden or patch of plants, essential oils are distilled from acres full of plants. To get an idea, it takes 30 pounds of lavender to make one tiny 15mL bottle of lavender essential oil. 

This certainly raises questions of sustainability-- which will also be answered in this episode of the podcast. Along with the following:

How do we know which brands to buy? Should we look for organic? How, and when, should we try using them? Are they safe for kids? Do we dilute?

So many questions! Thankfully we sat down with the perfect person to address all of them.

Alaknanda (Ala) Nabar of Brooklyn-based Family of Light Holistic Center generously shares her INCREDIBLE healing journey with Sophia and our listeners on Epsiode 4 of The Practical Nontoxic Living Podcast.

Find out how essential oils supported her son when he was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, get oriented to begin using essential oils in your own home, and gain inspiration from her family's daily holistic care routine. 



Listen To the Podcast Below!





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