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Opportunities from Practical Nontoxic Living

home detox Dec 05, 2018

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


I believe that, in general, our bodies were born to thrive. And that we can fuel the resiliency and healing of our bodies and wellness by removing unnecessary man-made obstacles: toxic exposures from our cleaning products, beauty products and self-care routines, diet, interior furnishings, children's products, and from our technologies.

These toxic exposures are an overlooked pillar of health that deserve as much consideration as what we eat and drink, and how much we exercise.

I know that the term 'toxic exposures' is scary (and by 'toxic exposures' I mean: toxic chemicals, heavy metals, electromagnetic fields from our technologies, and even other toxic exposures (like negative energy).

What makes toxic exposures even harder to face is that they may contribute to cancer, reproductive challenges, endocrine disruption, immune dysfunction, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and harm to the brain and nervous systems. That is scary.

However, by being brave enough to befriend this topic, you will find empowerment.


This platform exists to welcome you to the world of practical nontoxic living, which is balanced. It's not strict, restrictive, with deprivation, no colors, and less joy.

Instead, it can offer you nurturing and healing abundance, and invaluable opportuniites to connect--with what you eat, how you sleep, your relationship with our endlessly providing natural resources, and, ultimately, your body, mind, soul, and with others. It's mindful living, connecting you so much with the present that you become more available for its wonder, perfection amongst the imperfections, and gratitude.


The start of motherhood, and my desire to give my children the healthiest foundation possible, motivated me to spend 8 years researching and writing A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures. A to Z of D-Toxing is an invaluable resource that I wish I had sooner.

Since it's release in late 2015, I have worked as a passionate advocate of public and environmental health because I need to help the future health of my children, grandchildren, all life forms, and our beautiful planet.

I created Nontoxic Living (and Ruan Living in late 2018) to show you that adopting practical nontoxic living into your lifestyle can distill your life with the most important--and beautiful--things that life has to offer

Deconstruct to reconstruct.

Deconstruct to reconstruct your home, purchases, and habits for a practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle. We're bringing consciousness to unconscious choices.


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