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Oprah Is Vegan-ish!

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

Food expert and best-selling author, Michael Pollan, shared how much meat and dairy this food expert consumes.

The online health community has been atwitter with Oprah's recent show about her and her 378 staffers being vegan for one week.  NY Times best-selling author, Kathy Freston led the vegan challenge (she's been vegan for +7 years; her husband is "vegan-ish": eats vegan at home in his wife's vegan kitchen, but eats animal protein when he's at restaurants).  Food "rockstar" and best-selling author, Michael Pollan, participated in this important show and added his valuable input (he eats high-quality meat approximately 3 times per week).  Journalist, Lisa Ling, walked viewers through a Cargill meat processing plant.  Watching the cows get killed in the slaughterhouse clearly impacted Ms. Ling, but, even after the experience, she will still eat meat.

What was the main goal of the show?  Not necessarily to get people to cut out meat, but to try to raise consciousness of what we are eating and where our food comes from.  The suggestion was to be "vegan-ish," to lean towards it by starting out with being vegan for 1 day per week.  Stedman, Oprah's long-term boyfriend, is continuing with a 21-day vegan challenge!  Oprah seemed to prefer to "lean in" much more slowly.

To see the range of reactions from among the staffers, check out clips in the videos below and / or Oprah's website: Oprah and 378 Staffers Go Vegan: The One-Week Challenge.  Hey -- even Bill Clinton has turned vegan!

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