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Pre-August 2008 Sigg Bottles Contain BPA

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

The Sigg company just recently admitted that its pre-August 2008 bottles have contained BPA, but demonstrated no leaching of BPA. It's infuriating that the company would mislead health-conscious consumers about its products for the sake of sales. As I learn more about industries in general (specifically, I've recently been learning more about the animal and dairy industries), I'm appalled at how often the public is misled -- with sometimes serious health consequences at stake -- all for the sake of profits! But more on meat and dairy later...

You can contact SIGG USA for a replacement bottle with a new EcoCare liner at [email protected], or call them at (203) 321-1220. I emailed the company asking for a full refund, but instead got an offer to replace my pre-August 2008 Sigg bottles with the newer ones that do not have BPA. I would have to pay for shipping the bottles back.


If you would like to exchange your Sigg bottles for stainless steel ones, Baying Hound Howls has an offer to consider. Your pre-August 2008 Sigg bottles would get you a 40% discount on stainless steel bottles. I also just read on Ecorazzi that major retailers (including Whole Foods) will provide the newer (reportedly BPA-free) Sigg bottles in exchange for your pre-August 2008 ones. This would save you the cost of mailing them to the Sigg company and would save you time in quickly getting a replacement.

Click on Inhabitots for the original article that informed me about this. You can also click on Sigg Announcement for the letter written by its CEO regarding this topic. The Sigg Announcement letter is not as upsetting as the Inhabitots article, but, Sigg has just lost my trust.


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