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Simple Kale Salad: My Family's Favorite Recipe

Aug 22, 2019


Are you getting enough fiber?

One simple way you can boost your natural detox processes is to eat more vegetables and fruit. The fiber they contain acts like a broom that sweeps away our waste from the inside out.

My family's favorite salad is simple to make—and its fiber-rich! It consists of kale, cherry tomatoes, avocados, olive oil, and salt.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my miraculous story the other day about my kids fighting over this kale salad. (This has NEVER happened before)... They begged for it the next night too. As a mother who is constantly reigning in my kids' desire for sweets and junk food, I took this as a huge win. 

So as we meditate on waste this month, please consider the fiber in your diet. Wonder about it during your meals and snacks. As you eat more consciously, you will then naturally select future meals and snacks more consciously. Your curiosity and mindfulness over the fiber in your diet will lead you to want to eat more things that serve your body's natural processes.

My success with my kale salad recipe resulted after many experimentations with my kids. So keep trying until you figure out which recipes your family loves. In the meantime, they'll start to expect colorful, whole foods in their diet, which will help establish healthy dietary standards for their future.

Below is my kale salad recipe. Let me know how it goes, and if you have any beloved, plant-based recipes. Tag me @ruanliving on Instagram or Facebook, or email me at [email protected]

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Success is experienced in different ways. But, tonight, I experienced a rare peak among my life’s collection of successful moments when my two youngest kids started fighting over what remained over my kale salad! 🤔 . Yup. That isn’t a typo: They were FIGHTING OVER MY KALE SALAD, eating every remaining morsel that could be found, asking me to make more, asking me to make it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!💖🥰🎉 . It’s never happened before. So I think it was a freak result of the actual salad, luck (I’m not precise about portions), their mood, and #mercuryretrograde #mercuryretroshade ?🤔 . Regardless, I’m over the moon. And I share it because I always find it interesting to hear an example of what is possible, even if it’s not every day or every week. But I hope that when they are adults, it’ll pay off. And I sincerely hope this doesn’t come across as bragging. 🙏 But I know that parents in my life have been surprised to see children enjoy healthy eating, especially a kale salad! And I am blown away by their reminder tonight of what is possible❣️ . . . #nontoxicliving #nontoxic #ruanliving #kalesalad #anythingispossible #salad #saladrecipe #guthealthmatters #guthealthy #guthealth #kidsdinner

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Ideally, the ingredients are organic and fresh ingredients from high quality providers.

  • KALE. I use curly kale (but have used Lacinato kale and the kids ate that too). I try to buy from my favorite providers as all the ingredients taste better when there's consciousness in the lifespan of the kale. Dice the kale (I use the whole batch of kale for my family of 5) into thin strips, throw into a wooden salad bowl, and toss with olive oil (cold-pressed organic) and good salt. Set it aside.
  • CHERRY TOMATOES. Slice in half, toss with some good salt. Set aside.
  • RED ONIONS. Dice about a quarter cup and toss into kale. Mix and set aside.
  • AVOCADOS. Cut into cubes, then toss into kale, add tomatoes, toss it all.
  • OLIVE OIL. Not all olive oil is the same. My favorite one is the below.

  • SALT. Not all salt is the same. Among my regular inventory of salt is the one below, which you can click and buy on Amazon.


  • VINEGAR. Depending on how the salad tastes so far, I may add vinegar. Tonight I added apple cider vinegar because it offers health benefits too.

  • SEEDS. Depending on what we have and the mood of my kids, I may sprinkle seeds we have, like sesame, hemp, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds. I love the hemp seeds below.

Generally, the longer the diced kale sits in salt, the more popular the salad. The longest I’ve done it is for a few hours. And tomatoes marinating in salt for 10 minutes helps bring out a nice flavor.


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