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Sophia Gushee on Dr. Oz

Apr 14, 2016

Throughout my 5 years of creating A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, friends and family would say, "You should be on Dr. Oz!" I would think, "Nice idea! But, that's probably never going to happen..."

After all, the show has won three Emmy® awards (and, in March 2016, it received its 7th nomination for Outstanding Informative Talk Show, and host Dr. Mehmet Oz received his 7th nomination for Outstanding Talk Show Host). How could an average person like me ever get on such a critically-acclaimed platform?

Well, my experience is another example of why you should never say never!

As soon as I saw him on The Oprah Winfrey Show, who hosted Dr. Oz several times and eventually knighted Dr. Oz as "America's Doctor," I cherished his attention on a more holistic approach to health. Dr. Oz is impressive in a number of areas: degrees from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, cardiothoracic surgeon who has also held senior positions at the prestigious New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, professor at Columbia University, co-author of six New York Times best sellers, and the list goes on.

The controversy 

People ask me about the various criticisms against Dr. Oz, including claims that he promotes pseudo-science and quackery. As I read about the controversy (including Dr. Oz's response), I was reminded of my research for chapter 12 of A to Z of D-Toxing, which explored patterns of behavior that businesses/industries have repeated to protect profits. For example, when someone speaks out against conventional wisdom, attacks on their credibility and the science often follow; sometimes, creating public confusion is intentional.

While it's uncertain if the criticisms of Dr. Oz were fueled by self-interest, it's worthwhile to consider that science has just started proving the benefits of certain natural remedies that have been around for millenium, like meditation. Personally, I have always been grateful that he shares his holistic views, especially because of his credentials. He presents an informed opinion on alternative options for us to consider.

Dr. Oz has enlightened us 

Clearly, the conventional approach doesn’t understand wellness fully because more of us, including children, are dealing with a longer list of health issues. Health/wellness/disease is complex and multi-factorial. And Dr. Oz has introduced millions of people--including me--to information that broadens our perspective on, and deepens our insight into, how we may live a higher quality of life.

I always appreciate being introduced to options that cause no harm, and, in the best case scenario, may reduce the need for medicines or products that may create unintentional health threats. For example, I now cook with more tomato paste after learning from Dr. Oz that it can boost my skin's protection from the sun by as much as 33%. Thank you, Dr. Oz!

The more opportunities we have to listen to informed, diverse perspectives that challenge how to improve wellness, the more empowered our judgment becomes!


You can watch my appearance on The Dr. Oz Show by clicking here: Sophia on Dr. Oz Show. It airs on Thursday, April 14. For fellow "New Yorkers," The Dr. Oz Show can be found on Fox 5 from 2 to 3 pm. For those outside New York City, check online with your cable provider to confirm the time and channel in your area. Dr. Oz Show airs nationally and throughout 118 countries.


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