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Sophia's Motivation for Creating A to Z of D-Toxing

overview Mar 21, 2017

Health-conscious mother of three, Sophia Ruan Gushée thought she knew how to be healthy. Only after she became a mother did she become aware of an overlooked influence on health: toxic exposures. These pervade not just our outdoor environments but also our homes, bodies, and diet. Their impact on health can be most influential during periods of rapid biological development, which makes protecting children a top priority. Inspired to become a truly conscious parent and to provide her young family with a healthy foundation, Sophia spent nearly ten years identifying practical approaches for reducing her family's unnecessary exposures.

In A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, Sophia shares what she learned. Created to be the only reference book that a head of household needs, it includes hundreds of tips, as well as ten ideas to implement today--Sophia's D-Tox Strategy. These tips help increase the odds for more resilient health not just for individuals, but for our planet as well. This is an empowering resource that will lay the groundwork for leading a healthy life.

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