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The Power of the Mother's Voice

children ears energy family May 03, 2019


I wasn't going to write an article about voice. But I became inspired while watching the RBG documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In trying to explain her passion for the opera, she says:

The sound of the human voice is like an electrical current going through me

That got me curious, especially since I've been writing a lot about sounds, vibrations, and silence for April's ear meditation detox. And then I thought about one of the most important voices to us: the voice of our mother. In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, below are some thoughts on the unique value of the mother's voice.


The Power of a Mother's Voice

A mother's voice has special powers. Science has found through brain scans that a mother's voice stimulates her child's brain like no other. Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at Stanford University, Daniel Abrams, PhD, lead author of a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says:

Many of our social, language and emotional processes are learned by listening to our mom’s voice... We didn’t realize that a mother’s voice would have such quick access to so many different brain systems.

And your connection to your mother's voice began in the womb. Starting in month 7 or 8 of your prenatal period, a fetus can be soothed by its mother's voice as is demonstrated by a slower heart rate.

Researchers are also studying how a mother's voice may soothe older children—including whether a mother's voice can help a coma patient!

So, if you are a mother, remember the powers of your voice. If your mother is still with you, then call her! Or, better yet, visit and hug her!



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