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The Power of Words

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

Last night, I was at a class and a topic that arose was the power of words -- how the meaning and intention of words influence the spoken tone, energy and vibrations, which impact our bodies and external environment. I learned about an experiment performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto: he photographed the impact of words or phrases on water; specifically, on how words or phrases alter water crystals.

Positive words create more structure, harmony and organization in the water crystals.

After seeing the images above, I went online to learn more and found the video below.  It's beautiful and thought-provoking.

Why is this relevant to us?  If these changes are occurring in water, then what is the impact of words on us -- our emotional, physical and spiritual health?  Our bodies consist of up to 60% water!

Wanting to learn a little more about Dr. Emoto, I found the interview of him in the video below.  At the end, there's a suggested experiment that one can do to see for ourselves!

Dr. Emoto and his experiments have been criticized for a number of reasons, of course.  Based on my personal experiences in life however, I won't quickly discard the idea that words influence our bodies and environment.  I'll shelf this as something interesting to keep in mind.  I think the suggested experiment at the end of the above video will be the first "science" experiment that I'll do with my daughters.

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