Tip on Buying Safe Seafood

seafood Mar 21, 2017



Per the Marine Stewardship Council's website, when it comes to seafood, the bright blue eco-label of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has been an important part of European seafood shoppers' experience for years - and it's growing in recognition here in the United States. Consumers like you can feel confident that this label is the most credible sustainable seafood eco-label in the marketplace today.

From its website:


Our vision is of the world’s oceans teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations.


Our mission is to use our ecolabel and fishery certification programme to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans by recognising and rewarding sustainable fishing practises, influencing the choices people make when buying seafood, and working with our partners to transform the seafood market to a sustainable basis.

Here's what you can do:

1. Use seafoodwatch.org to find out if your favorite fish are certified, and then look for the MSC eco-label on seafood products when you eat out or go shopping for seafood. You can find MSC-labeled products -- frozen, canned and fresh -- at many major retail locations. Note: Even if a fishery is not yet MSC-certified, you can rely on Seafood Watch "best choice" options for farmed or wild seafood by using our recommendations. (Our iPhone and mobile applications make this easier than ever!)

2. The more common the Marine Stewardship Council eco-label becomes in the marketplace, the easier it will be for everyone to make sustainable seafood choices. So, please share this information with your friends so they'll know what to look for, too.

3. Ask your favorite restaurant or retailer to offer more MSC-certified seafood. You can direct grocery store and restaurant managers to the MSC website, where they can learn how to find suppliers of certified seafood.

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