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Using Everyday Items as Nontoxic Baby Bath Toys

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Kids love taking baths—splashing around, and playing with their toys. However, are your children's bath toys nontoxic?

Heat and humidity—two factors created when taking a bath—increase the likelihood of chemicals releasing, including from things like baby bath toys.

Keep bath time fun and healthy with nontoxic everyday items that can be used as baby bath toys.

Benefits of nontoxic baby bath toys for your kids

Standard bath toys are made of vinyl and plastic materials. These materials are made of a mix of chemicals such as chlorine, phthalates, and flame retardants found to cause several types of cancer, liver and kidney abnormalities, hormone disruption, reduced IQs and developmental abnormalities. (1)

Nontoxic bath toys can be made from materials like stainless steel, wood, cloth (made from organic cotton, natural dyes and free of finishes), and natural rubber.

By choosing nontoxic baby bath toys, your giving your kids a safer, healthier bath time.


Ways to get a standard nontoxic baby bath toy

Standard everyday items can make great nontoxic baby bath toys. Consider these items that children love to play with, as bathtub toys:

Stainless steel

  • mini pots and pans, and their lids
  • food storage containers
  • cups and plates
  • spoons
  • mini food strainer or food colander


  • wash clothes
  • hand towels
  • napkins

Natural rubber

  • rings
  • tetherball (with large openings so water can drain)
  • bath toys (solid rubber with no openings for water to get in)


Consider choosing nontoxic everyday items that can be used as baby bath toys—such as those made from stainless steel, and organic cotton with natural dyes. Stainless steel pots and pans, food storage containers, cups, spoons and mini strainers make great bathtub toys and are easily found. If choosing cloth (washcloth, small towel, napkins) as a toy, opt for organic cotton material, with natural dyes and free of finishes.


(1) A to Z of D-Toxing, Works Cited Part 2

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