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Waste Detox: August Theme

waste detox Aug 12, 2019

August is our month to meditate on how we can detox our waste.  

When I use the word waste, I'm not only talking about our body's natural detoxification outcomes (like sweat, urine, ..., etc), but I'm also referring to what we discard—which ends up in our landfills, oceans, air, soil, and ultimately our bodies.

One lesson I keep learning through various examples is that everything is connected. For example, the purity of our bodies, homes, and planet are limited by what we buy and throw away. Science has proven through amazing detailed studies how we are connected by each other's choices. Even from seemingly harmless choices, like which facial cleanser or body wash you buy and use. So, if we want to detox our bodies, homes, and planet, we must become more mindful of what we buy and ultimately dispose of.


I'm launching a new podcast segment where I answer your questions—big or small! So tell me, Is there a question that you'd like to ask me? What perplexes you most about our toxic exposures, or practical nontoxic living? Email them to [email protected]. While I can't answer all questions, I'll select ones that could benefit the greater audience. So please send your questions, which might be on a podcast episode! Most likely, you're not the only one wondering the same thing and your questions can help others become more curious about important things.

Deconstruct to reconstruct.

In 2020, we're deconstructing our home, habits, and things to reconstruct a practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle. We're bringing consciousness to unconscious choices.


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