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I left Los Angeles wondering what motivates you?

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Even after studying and teaching nontoxic living for over a decade, I'm more energized than ever: The evidence for precautionary measures continues to strengthen, and the public is more curious than ever.

I just returned from spending a week in Los Angeles. My trip to LA originated from a personal reason, but I extended my visit to make room for various work events.


Detox Market

Soon after arriving in LA, I headed over to the retail...

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Beauty Detox in June

a monthly newsletter Jun 06, 2019

June is our month to meditate on products we use for self-care and beauty. We will address the products we use for our hair, teeth, mouth, nails, and beauty. 

We all have beauty and self-care products that we are attached to. But there are many that we would not mind replacing, especially if they introduced us to fewer toxic chemicals and heavy metals! 

June's content is intended to get you curious about your frequently-used health & beauty products, and...

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Meditate on Your Nose

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


How often do you think about your nose?

I rarely do. Except when I have a stuffy nose, runny nose, or sneezing fits.

What does the nose do for us? How can we connect with it? Can doing so empower us somehow?


Come on, Let's Get to Know the Nose

The nose works hard for us. By taking the time to learn more about it, we can align ourselves to work with the nose—to guide us towards safety and health, investigate odors, explore chronic...

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September 2017 Newsletter | Practical Nontoxic Living

a monthly newsletter Sep 29, 2017


Dear D-Tox community,

September has been very busy: full of new beginnings! I share highlights below of what may be interesting, or helpful, to you and those you care about.



1. How toxic exposures may influence reproductive health

It was truly an honor to record a podcast with Dr. Hugh Taylor, head of reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. We had an important conversation that everyone should listen to. Dr. Taylor talks about not just his cutting-edge...

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Practical Nontoxic Living | August 2017 Newsletter

a monthly newsletter Aug 31, 2017

As cooler breezes replace our hottest days in the northeast, I am pensive of the imminence of fall, a new school year, and the fleetingness of summer. 

Activities that kept my life as busy as ever now seem like a season ago! This summer, I was immersed in developing my online D-Tox Academy (still in its prenatal period), recording/producing/publishing fun and fascinating podcasts, and squeezing in rare moments in the kitchen to experiment with new recipes.


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Practical Nontoxic Living: July 2017 Newsletter

a monthly newsletter Jul 17, 2017

I hope you're enjoying the best that summer has to offer!

In this month's newsletter, we're offering ideas that you may enjoy incorporating into your self-care routine. They're salty and spicy!

And if you'd like reminders on why you should turn your phone to airplane mode, then sign up for our free #AirplaneModeChallenge, which starts tonight! Click: Register for the #AirplaneModeChallenge.

Have a wonderful day!



1. Could halotherapy help your chronic symptoms?

I had the...

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Monthly Newsletter: June 2017

a monthly newsletter Jun 15, 2017

For many of us, June is a month of celebration: longer hours of sunshine, the return of heat, the end of the school year, and the transition into summer plans that hopefully include time to enjoy life with family and friends.

As you are able to relax into a summer routine, consider the four offerings below: 

  1. Refresh your framework for health. Watch (or listen) to wonderful conversations from my recent Innovators of Wellness event. Guest speakers include Dr. Frank Lipman, an...
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Monthly Newsletter: May 2017

a monthly newsletter May 12, 2017

Hello, D-Tox Community!

We hope you're finding helpful remedies during this tough allergy season. As our children's school nurse emailed recently, even though each year it's often said that "this is the worst allergy season" ever, this year, is truly the worst allergy season ever. I have been struck by how much our 4-year-old daughter has been suffering: swollen, stingy eyes; and severe congestion at night.

Stinging Nettle Tea

If you're still looking for natural remedies, check out...

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Monthly Newsletter: April 2017

a monthly newsletter Apr 10, 2017


Spring is our season.

It's a time of renewal and detoxification. New beginnings, fresh starts, and healthy transformations. Wherever you are in your process, we hope you are enjoying the changing season.

There have been many exciting developments at Practical Nontoxic Living, below are nine key updates.




1) What does it take to innovate?

On May 4th, Sophia will host her first Innovators of Wellness event in NYC. It features five trailblazers in modern...

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