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Are Your Cleaning Products Contributing to Asthma?

Feb 17, 2018

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


A clean home can be both healthy and a risk factor for developing asthma(1)(2) 

How? The cleaning products you use is important.

Cleaning products—such as soaps,...


Do You Have Indoor Allergies?

Feb 02, 2018

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Do you sometimes come home after being out of the house all day and experience chronic symptoms: scratchy throat, headache, itchy eyes, or stuffy nose? Could it be...


Can peppermint alleviate your spring allergies?

Mar 21, 2017

An Herbal Ally for Spring: Peppermint

With such crazy ups and downs in our weather patterns, it's hard to know just when, and if, warmer weather will come-- and stay. This can affect seasonal allergy symptoms in a serious way-- often coming...

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