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Natural Bathroom Spray: How to Deodorize the Bathroom

By Angela Cummings


Going #2 (as the kids say) is a natural, healthy occurrence for all humans (and animals), but we’re often embarrassed by the smell left behind.

We tend to reach for toxic sprays to cover-up those embarrassing smells.

However, there are nontoxic alternatives that can be used!

In this article, we’ll discuss how conventional sprays can be toxic, and how to make your own natural bathroom sprays for a nontoxic home environment.


What Are the Harmful...

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Are Attention Disorders Linked to Technology?

By Angela Cummings


Over 6 million children ages 2-17 were diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2016, according to a study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. This is an increase of 1.7 million children with ADHD since 2003.

About 10 million adults have ADHD.

Technology may be a contributing factor.


Why Does Technology Link to Attention Disorders?

Technology can cause a lack of focus and sleep. According to Dr. Larry Rosen, “technology,...

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6 Tips to Avoid Raising A Narcissist

by editorial team


We all know that child or adult: the one who thinks rules don’t apply to them, who throws loud public tantrums, insists on special treatment, and seems insensitive to everyone else’s feelings...

It’s normal for young children to be self-focused and have somewhat unrealistic positive views of themselves and their abilities. However, at around 7 years of age, children become able to compare themselves to others.

For some, this results in a drop in...

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How to Help A Child with Their Social Skills

by editorial team


Do you know how to help your child with their social skills? As a parent, you have a unique opportunity to teach your child social skills even adults struggle with, like building friendships, managing conflict, and handling rejection.


Benefits of Developing Social Skills Early

Developing social skills early is a critical part of your child’s future happiness.

Adolescents who have strong social skills are more likely to be accepted by their peers, develop...

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Sleep is Crucial For Healthy Kids

by editorial team


The National Sleep Foundation reports that ninety percent of surveyed individuals admitted to using a technology device within an hour of bedtime, and many of these are children. According to the National Sleep Foundation, digital screen time can be psychologically and physically stimulating and disruptive to sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary for growth and development, learning, weight control and creativity.

  • Growth hormone secretion occurs during sleep
  • Sleep...
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"The Creativity Crisis"

child development Mar 21, 2017

Fall is here and so is the back-to-school season! I've been looking forward to the routines and structure, investigating which activities to enroll my three-year-old. At the same time, I keep wondering what is the right balance of structured activities and open play. (In Manhattan, many three-year-olds -- and even younger children -- have busy schedules!) Earlier this summer, I reached out to our friend, Ms. Natalie Smith of Wonder and Spark for her input.


"... the MOST IMPORTANT gift...

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