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The Best Natural Way to Clean Your Washing Machine

cleaning Sep 14, 2019

by the editorial team

Are you looking for a natural, nontoxic way to clean the inside of your washing machine?

Mildew, bacteria, and other foul-smelling things build up in washing machines over time.

However, the traditional cleaners you can buy at stores are often full of harmful, toxic ingredients.

In this article, we'll provide a natural way to clean your washing machine—including two nontoxic cleaner recipes that will keep your laundry room smelling fresh all year round!

Why Your...

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Nontoxic Wood Cleaner

cleaning Apr 25, 2019

Nontoxic cleaning for natural woods deserves a gentle approach because wood can be affected by acidity, too much dryness, and too much wetness.

The wood polish recipe below is my favorite way to clean wood tables and shelves!

Wood Polish

Mix all together is a glass spray bottle, shake before each use.  This recipe can also be made with orange or lavender essential oil.

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Tips to Spring Clean and Organize Your Home

air cleaning home Apr 24, 2019

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the California Closets' beautiful store in Tribecca. Our topic: Spring Clean: Your Home-Body-Mind.



Below are a few highlights in my mind:

  1. You can fold your clothes, underwear, and socks so that when you open your drawers and open your closets, you see little "presents." Imagine how that might alter how you start your day or unwind as you get out of your day clothes for bedtime! Founder of Organize Decor, Samantha...
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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products: Do they work?

cleaning Apr 12, 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Many people ask me:

  • What are the top non toxic cleaning products?
  • What are the most effective green cleaning products?
  • Which non toxic home cleaners do you use?
  • Do you think green products work?
  • What's your favorite green cleaner?

I spent many years researching―and too much time and money searching for―green cleaning products that work. In short: It's hard to generalize, and it's hard to know which cleaning products work and are truly safe.



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NYC Event: Spring Cleaning Home Body and Mind

cleaning events Apr 05, 2019

Get inspiration for spring cleaning!

Join me on April 18th in NYC for an evening all about spring cleaning for your mind, body and home! 

Hosted at California Closets beautiful Tribeca showroom, learn how to organize your home with intention, detox your life, and optimize your food and fitness routine with me and fellow speakers/moderators/hosts. Check them out on Instagram: @katiedalebout, @organizedecor, @freckledfoodie  @helenvphelan and @ofspaceandmind! 
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Simple Tips to Detox Your Home and Body

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Our toxic exposures is a complex topic. However, effective solutions can be simple.

After studying an average family's toxic exposures and sharing what I wish I knew sooner in my nearly 500-page book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, I noticed a practical strategy in reducing our toxic exposures: Go back to basics.


Back to Basics

Chemicals that comprise our household products don’t stay in the products:...

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Fragrance detox for your stuffy nose, runny nose, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and asthma

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


If you're not sick or suffering from known allergies, what might a stuffy nose or runny nose be trying to tell us?

The nose can communicate many important things to our brain and body. It can signal alarm from the smell of fire or something burning; stimulate our appetite and taste buds from the smell of a delicious meal or baked goodies; and it can trigger symptoms to get us to avoid toxic chemicals or toxic food.

Symptoms from...

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Meditate on Your Nose

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


How often do you think about your nose?

I rarely do. Except when I have a stuffy nose, runny nose, or sneezing fits.

What does the nose do for us? How can we connect with it? Can doing so empower us somehow?


Come on, Let's Get to Know the Nose

The nose works hard for us. By taking the time to learn more about it, we can align ourselves to work with the nose—to guide us towards safety and health, investigate odors, explore chronic...

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Natural Bathroom Spray: How to Deodorize the Bathroom

By Angela Cummings


Going #2 (as the kids say) is a natural, healthy occurrence for all humans (and animals), but we’re often embarrassed by the smell left behind.

We tend to reach for toxic sprays to cover-up those embarrassing smells.

However, there are nontoxic alternatives that can be used!

In this article, we’ll discuss how conventional sprays can be toxic, and how to make your own natural bathroom sprays for a nontoxic home environment.


What Are the Harmful...

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Clean Your Oven Naturally

cleaning kitchen Nov 20, 2018

by Angela Cummings


Are you looking for a natural way to clean the caked on food and grease from your oven?

You’re not alone! Especially during baking season, when there is frequent oven use.

This article covers the frequency to clean your oven, materials, and ingredients to use, and steps to follow.


Why Is a Clean Oven Important? How Often Should I Clean It?

Caked on crusted food that drops to the bottom of stoves can burn and start to smoke or smolder.

Grease and grime on...

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