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4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Woman

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and for those who celebrate by buying gifts for the one we love, the options can sometimes seem...uninspired. While it's easy to pop into a drugstore featuring an aisle of chocolate in heart-shaped boxes and colorful perfumes and lotions, so many of these items don't give our bodies any love. In fact, conventional chocolates are so processed and made with sweet and fattening fillers, that most of chocolate's purported health benefits are lost. And the...

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On The Podcast: Essential Oils for Healing

essential oils healing Jan 05, 2017


"I believe if you do the right things in terms of detoxing & supplementation, and if you supplement that all with energy work, you are able to literally do anything with your physical body"

-Alaknanda Nabar, Family of Light Holistic Center


Have Questions About Essential Oils?

We did too.

Essential oils have been rumored to help with better sleep, seasonal or environmental threats, runny nose, immunity, skin blemishes/imperfections, dry skin,...

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