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NYC Event: Spring Cleaning Home Body and Mind

cleaning events Apr 05, 2019

Get inspiration for spring cleaning!

Join me on April 18th in NYC for an evening all about spring cleaning for your mind, body and home! 

Hosted at California Closets beautiful Tribeca showroom, learn how to organize your home with intention, detox your life, and optimize your food and fitness routine with me and fellow speakers/moderators/hosts. Check them out on Instagram: @katiedalebout, @organizedecor, @freckledfoodie  @helenvphelan and @ofspaceandmind! 
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How does a nontoxic lifestyle expert maintain a positive mindset?

events yoga Mar 02, 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking to employees at BlackRock, a global investment firm that is based in NYC. I was invited by the Families at BlackRock and Mindfulness networks to share 10 Simple Tips for Healthier Living.

One question they asked of me in advance was, How do you prevent a toxic mindset and stay positive?

As I prepared my presentation with that question in mind, I couldn't help but be honest: yoga. My yoga practice guided me towards...

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Hello Wellness: NYC Nontoxic Living Panel

events self-care skin Jan 06, 2019

Would you like to detox your diet, beauty products, and self-care routine? Do you want to learn tips on how to read nutrition labels for healthier choices?

Attend this NYC event to learn from experts, and leave with great swag!

HelloWellness hosts monthly events for like-minded individuals in the health & wellness space. 


Hello Wellness: NYC Nontoxic Living Panel

I'm honored to be included among the 3 experts that HelloWellness gathered to share tips...

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EMF Detox at Detox Global Summit

events Dec 17, 2018

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Please join me for the Detox Global Summit! This online summit begins Monday, January 28th, and there is no cost to attend.

Detoxification can be extremely supportive whether you are facing a health challenge or you just want to lead your healthiest life possible. Dr. Kurt Woeller and Terri Hirning have gathered over 25 leading experts to present the science, their clinical results, and steps you can take to help detoxify your mind, body, and home....

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How to Mother and Live Authentically

events parents Apr 18, 2018

Mothers are experiencing unprecedented opportunities. Educational, professional, personal, spiritual and parental opportunities have become more available than ever. Our opportunities have never been this unlimited!

Along with this comes the paradox of choice.

In honor of Mother's Day, join me in a discussion with other mothers as we reflect on how we try to approach motherhood as authentically as possible: for ourselves, our children, our families. Finding peace in the choices we...

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Entrepreneurs serving public health

events Apr 05, 2018

Yesterday, I spent the day at Brown University to participate in its program for National Public Health Week. Every time I go back to campus (+3 hours each train ride), I feel like I got so much more than I gave.

Spending time with the new dean of Brown's School of Public Health, Bess Marcus, is always a fascinating pleasure. I can't get enough of her insights and perspectives.

Spending time with Karl Kelsey and Joe Braun--professors, researchers, and epidemiologists who also...

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How Home Can Become Your Hottest Wellness Destination

events home Mar 06, 2018


I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of Well+Good's recent talk about why home is becoming the hottest wellness destination.

With technology having us be more productive and busier than ever, I need my home to be where I can restore all parts of me.


"A healthy home does not harm my body, and it facilitates the restoration of my body, mind, soul, energy, and spirit."

—Sophia Gushee


Our indoor environment is more polluted than outdoors

Most people...

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The State of Our Health and Wellness

events Mar 04, 2018

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


If you're in NYC and free on the evening of March 13, then please join the event below. It's a description from my Instagram account, which I've become more active on. Please Like and Comment the post below, and follow me on Instagram!

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Exercises To Counter "Text Neck," And Other Chronic Conditions From Our Technology

emf detox events neck Feb 08, 2018

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Our necks, thumbs, arms, and spine are suffering from our modern use of technology. For example, "text neck" is becoming a medical issue, as the New York Times reported in its article "Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods."

Thursday 2018 February 8 at 1:00PM EST, I'm on Facebook Live with Lizz Smith, who incorporates both Eastern and Western disciplines into her physical therapy. To supplement Detox Your EMFs: The...

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On becoming a Well+Good Council member

events Sep 18, 2017

This month, I officially joined the Well+Good Council. Examples of fellow members include: 

  • Gabby Bernstein: New York Times best-selling author of five ground-breaking books on modern spirituality
  • Dr. Robin Berzin: a leader of functional medicine, as well as founder and CEO of Parsley Health, an innovative primary care practice
  •  Joey Gonzalez: CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Normal Kamali: a visionary fashion designer, entrepreneur, and feminist
  • ...
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