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Heart Detox Gift Guide

In February, we're tending to our hearts and working on cultivating love and good feelings. Included in February's strategy is creating more mindful boundaries from technology, especially in the evening.

It helps if you can replace old habits with enjoyable (and healthy) new ones. So part of our objective in February is to suggest healthy and healing replacement habits and rituals.

This gift guide is here to help! The product selections below offer lovely and practical ideas for...

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Gift Guide: Turn Home Into the Healing Place for a More Restorative 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Give loved ones the gift of nature for their homes.

Detoxing your home and integrating nature indoors is key to transforming your home into the healing place we all deserve.

The gift guide below is a curated list of ten fun options: plants, indoor trees, an indoor herb garden, Home Detox 101, and more. Most items in the gift guide below is available on Amazon, which doesn't get more convenient!

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4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Organic Woman

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and for those who celebrate by buying gifts for the one we love, the options can sometimes seem...uninspired. While it's easy to pop into a drugstore featuring an aisle of chocolate in heart-shaped boxes and colorful perfumes and lotions, so many of these items don't give our bodies any love. In fact, conventional chocolates are so processed and made with sweet and fattening fillers, that most of chocolate's purported health benefits are lost. And the...

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8 Mother's Day Gifts to Bring Peace, Healing, Joy, and Presence

gift guides May 05, 2016

Mother's day is this Sunday! For me, this Mother's day is my 8th as a mother.

With three children that span the ages of 3- to 8-years-old, this is the first Mother's day that I feel I have some personal, emotional, and spiritual space to reflect on being a mother, as well as how to honor mothers in general. As I thought about this, I soon remembered a wonderful piece by Anna Quindlen, "Good-bye, Dr. Spock," which first appeared in Newsweek in November 2000. Below...

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