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Clean Beauty Q&A with Agnieszka Wilson, humanitarian and founder of Urban Witches

I met Agnieszka Wilson this spring when we were fellow panel speakers for the Kota Alliance, an organization that elevates collaboration across borders for women-centered nonprofits, NGOs, social enterprises and entrepreneurs, businesses and startups that share the goal of improving gender equality and supporting women.

After our panel event, Aga gave me a selection of products from her newly launched line of lotions, serums, balms, and more.

I have...

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Fossil Fuels in Your Self-Care and Beauty Products

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


We use fossil fuels as coal, natural gas, and petroleum (sometimes called crude oil). These types of fossil fuels help us create not only energy (e.g. gasoline in cars), but also various household products—including those in your self-care and beauty routines!

This article highlights key things you should know about the ingredients in your self-care and beauty products that are made from fossil fuels.

If the idea of fossil fuels in your...

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Sole Water Recipe

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


An easy way to help boost your digestion, soothe your nervous system, improve hydration, and improve your skin, hair and nails may be to start your day with salt water. Yes, salt water. In fact, it's a thing. It's called sole (pronounced so-lay). You can read more about the reported health benefits and my personal experience with drinking it in my upcoming article on Well+Good. Below is the recipe.


  • Unprocessed, mineral-rich salt, like ...
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