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5 Tips for Nontoxic Pillows That Can Improve Your Sleep and Health

bedroom labels sleep Jun 19, 2018

Many of us are short on time, and short on sleep (especially new moms). 

Sleeping on a nontoxic, comfy pillow can help improve the quality of those precious sleep hours. How?

Your pillow selection can influence insomnia, endocrine disruption, allergies, or asthma (1) because chemicals used to manufacture standard pillows are linked to those symptoms.


But don't fret. Below is key information to help you sleep on a healthier pillow. 


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Are "green" building materials and interior furnishings healthy?

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Building and renovating our homes are opportune moments to create a healthy indoor environment since building materials (like floors and cabinets) and interior furnishings (like paints and furniture) have a meaningful influence on our indoor air quality.

First, keep in mind that "green" is not necessarily "healthy."

"Green" is not necessarily healthy

People often assume that products marketed as "green"—or...

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Fragrances Don’t Smell as Good When You Know What’s in Them

labels nose overview Mar 25, 2018

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Floral and fruity scents make our homes smell good, but if you knew what they were made of, you might reconsider.  

Synthetic fragrances or scents are made from chemical concoctions that are created in a laboratory. One scent in one product can contain any number of chemicals—sometimes 100 or more for that one scent.  

We would never know, though. Manufacturers are not required to list individual chemicals on labels...

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You Can Buy Furniture Without Flame Retardants

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Did you know that a doctor’s note is needed in order to buy a mattress without flame retardants?

It’s federal law.

You might assume, then, that flame retardants added to mattresses and other furniture are critical life-saving additives. After all, laws are meant to keep us safe.

Scientists have found that there is no meaningful difference in having flame retardants in furniture. (1)

And, actually, those flame retardants may...

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Are Your Cleaning Products Contributing to Asthma?

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


A clean home can be both healthy and a risk factor for developing asthma(1)(2) 

How? The cleaning products you use is important.

The video below summarizes key findings from a recent study that found that "women who cleaned as little as once a week had an accelerated lung decline risk. In fact, they said using cleaning products for 20 years is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 10 to 20 years for...

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Can Your Mattress Cause Insomnia?

bedroom labels nursery sleep Jul 24, 2017

Materials that create our mattresses, box springs, sheets, pillows, and comforters can pollute our indoor air quality and undermine our sleep. Detoxing your bedroom’s air quality alleviates your body for more resources to repair and restore.



One day in 2007, before my first child was born, my husband came home with a crib mattress for our new daughter. With the enthusiasm of a proud, expectant parent, my husband told the sales...

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4 Tips for Navigating Food Labels

diet kitchen labels Jul 22, 2015

This week, the United States House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 1599, a bill that could block the FDA and state governments from issuing mandatory labeling requirements of GMO foods. If passed, this bill would overturn current laws in Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine that require GMO labeling, and would also give food companies the power to label their GMO foods as “natural.” Of those who oppose GMOs, many are concerned about the unknown health effects, some...

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