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#39 | Transform Unconscious Patterns Into Conscious Choices

brain podcast Sep 29, 2021

Podcast Intro

I hope this episode gets you more curious about how your unconscious choices contribute to the patterns in your life. These unconscious influences affect all aspects of your life experience—from your health to your career to your relationships. And more. 
Obviously, there are a lot of factors that we cannot control—like the circumstances we were born into, and our genetics. 
We cannot control everything. However, bringing consciousness...
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Optimize Your Fertility, Assisted Reproductive Efforts, and Pregnancy Outcomes

podcast Jul 21, 2021

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


Podcast Intro


So, I'm going to dive into four sobering trends in our reproductive health.

  1. Worldwide fertility has dropped more than 50% over the past 50 years.
  2. A man today has only half the number of sperm that his grandfather had.
  3. In some parts of the world, a 20-something woman today is less fertile than her grandmother was at 35.
  4. Damage from a man’s or pregnant woman’s exposure to risky chemicals and lifestyle...
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Alchemy From Daily Rituals

beauty immunity podcast Jun 15, 2021

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson

I had been admiring the work of Shiva Rose for years, and love her beautiful book Whole Beauty. It's natural, earthy recipes are relatively simple and are a great way to become more connected to the potent benefits of natural herbs, oils, and more. It's the perfect book to have my daughters reference as they begin to develop beauty and self-care routines (hopefully, rituals!) and develop an embrace of nature's powerful beauty and healing...

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Clean Beauty with Bethany McDaniel, founder of Primally Pure

beauty podcast self-care May 25, 2021

 Podcast producer: Chris Robertson.


Note from Sophia:

I love each of my podcast conversations as I find each guest so interesting and I learn so much from them! From Bethany, it was not only a pleasure to learn more about Primally Pure and Bethany's entrepreneurial path as a mother of two young kids, but I enjoyed a special appreciation for how she balances her clean living values towards the hectic demands of her life—business, family, and her well-being.

Since this...

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Elissa Goodman: Thriving after Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, and Celiac disease

cancer immunity podcast May 13, 2021

Speak thanks to podcast producer: Chris Robertson.


I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know Elissa Goodman and her life's story and work. The first part of her life and health were full of challenges. What is so inspiring and thought-provoking is how healthy and vibrant she is now at age 61!

I hope you enjoy this Practical Nontoxic Living podcast as much as I have. Please send me your thoughts @ruanliving on Instagram or email [email protected].


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NEW PODCAST: "Sick of being sick"


[0:24] Guest introduction.

Often sick as a child, Nita Ewald explains that she got "sick of being sick."

Then, from around age 29-30, with a masters in chemistry, she started wondering, What's in my personal care products?

This curiosity led her to become more interested in the toxic chemicals in her everyday products--even before she became interested in healthy eating.

As Nita learned about the toxicity in her household products-- like her lotions and shampoo--Nita detoxed her...

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Healing & Thriving Lessons from Cancer to Optimize Your Life Quality

podcast Jan 14, 2021

People often ask me about the benefits of practical nontoxic living. If you're curious about one person's experience, then this podcast is thought-provoking.

My guest is Ariana Ost Martz. Ariana studied at the Parsons School of Design in both NYC and Paris, and went into fashion and jewelry design after graduating. However, in 2006,  Ariana's mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 months to live. 

Ultimately, Ariana's mother chose not to opt-out...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Master Organic Mattresses & Sustainable Interior Design for an Eco-friendly Home

home detox podcast sleep Dec 08, 2020

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


by Sophia Ruan Gushée

If you're interested in any of the below, then this podcast will provide insight into a strategic approach to help you achieve:

  • healthier indoor air quality
  • sustainable interior design
  • a more eco-friendly and healthier home
  • reduced exposures to toxic (or risky) chemicals and heavy metals

In this episode, I share my conversation with Barry A. Cik, Founder / Technical Director / CEO of Naturepedic, an...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: "If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer."

This podcast episode was inspired by lung cancer awareness month. My friend Reina Honts, who is also the guest of this episode, has taught me that lung cancer is not just a smoker's outcome. If you have lungs, then you should be aware that:

  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide
  • Lung cancer takes twice as many women's lives as breast cancer
  • Lung cancer takes twice as many men's lives as prostate cancer
  • People who have never smoked account for 20K-30K lung...
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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Detox EMFs With Your Family At Home & School

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


Have you thought about the radiation from your laptops, cordless phones, WiFi routers, wireless speakers, gaming consoles, and earphones?

Are you overwhelmed by the topic and don't know where to start?

Well, it's an important thing to think about. Especially with more of us more dependent on technology than ever.

In this podcast, you'll hear two informed, down-to-earth moms talk about how we started detoxing EMFs in our homes and...

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