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Beekeeper Laura Klahre, founder of Blossom Meadow, on the pollination crisis and simple steps to help

Jun 08, 2017


Laura Klahre, founder of Blossom Meadow

A marine biologist by trade, Laura Klahre, founder of Blossom Meadow, is a beekeeper in the North Fork of Eastern Long Island. During August 2016, she was kind enough to enlighten my team and...


Are EMFs, WIFI, or Bluetooth Causing Sleep Disturbance?

Mar 21, 2017


With the exponential growth in internet usage over the past few decades, our bodies have experienced unprecedented exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). I think of this as EMF pollution, a term used to describe a type of...


Are Probiotics Worth the Money? Sandor Katz, Author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, Comments.

Feb 01, 2017


Culturally raised to view bacteria as threatening, in recent years I've been learning about their invaluable benefits: They seem like the best way to nurture our gut health.


Why is our gut so important?

Our gut accounts for up to 80%...



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