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Pink Salt: What You Should Know

diet gut health immunity salt Jul 09, 2019

Going into the heart of the mines (Mandra, Pakistan)


In our diets, salt can offer us minerals, taste, and help make nutrients more bioavailable. As salt lamps in our space, they are reported to detox air and contribute to relaxation. 

Since my podcast recording with Sandor Katz, author of the bestselling books The Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation, I have become fascinated with salt. Sandor recommended using salt of all colors—grey, pink, black,...

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Are Probiotics Worth the Money? Sandor Katz, fermentation guru, comments

Updated July 9, 2019


Culturally raised to view bacteria as threatening, in recent years I've been learning about their invaluable benefits: They seem like the best way to nurture our gut health. And eating fermented foods is an easy way to nurture the healthy bacteria in your gut.

There's no better person to learn more about fermented foods than Sandor Katz, author of New York Times bestselling books on the topic. Below are some notes from my podcast recording with...

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I tried halotherapy at the Montauk Salt Cave, and this is what I learned.

podcast salt self-care Jun 26, 2017


Last summer, in August 2016, I attended my first Kundalini yoga class.

While the introduction to Kundalini yoga was fascinating, my primary goal was to experience WHERE the yoga class was: It was in a salt cave! The Montauk Salt Cave, in the most eastern end of Long Island.

Afterwards, I chatted with the founder of the Montauk Salt Cave, Shannon Coppola, about what motivated her to create a salt cave that's now expanding to a third location, which will be in Manhattan. If you, or...

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