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Clean Beauty with Bethany McDaniel, founder of Primally Pure

beauty podcast self-care May 25, 2021

 Podcast producer: Chris Robertson.


Note from Sophia:

I love each of my podcast conversations as I find each guest so interesting and I learn so much from them! From Bethany, it was not only a pleasure to learn more about Primally Pure and Bethany's entrepreneurial path as a mother of two young kids, but I enjoyed a special appreciation for how she balances her clean living values towards the hectic demands of her life—business, family, and her well-being.

Since this...

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Do we poop plastic?

home detox self-care Apr 12, 2021

In recent years, I have become more appreciative of how informative—revealing—poop can be. 

Since becoming a mom, I have become curious (prompted by our pediatrician's questions) about my children's poop—wondering about its consistency, color, and how frequently they eliminate.

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This article spotlights something less well-known: plastics in our poop.  Seven tips...

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Infrared saunas: An interview with the founder of Sunlighten

home self-care Jan 29, 2021

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


If you are interested in infrared saunas and their health benefits, then this episode will help. My guest is Connie Zack, co-owner of Sunlighten infrared saunas.

I was excited to speak to Connie because I have spent a lot of time researching infrared saunas. After hearing a few people talk about how helpful it was to spend time in infrared saunas, I didn't need much convincing that I wanted one too. 

I heard amazing experiences...

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🎉 Home Detox Workbook!

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


More than ever, we need to reframe how we view our homes.

Home is an overlooked pillar of health and well-being—able to contribute to our healing physically and emotionally. However, most people are unaware of what science has discovered about how our space can influence our moods, creativity, productivity, health (or illness), and recovery. 

First things first: Let's detox our indoor air, dust, hands, water, and sleep areas from what we...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Money's Energetic Power | Mama Medicine

podcast self-care Oct 21, 2020

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


Beloved healer Deborah Hanekamp is founder of Space by Mama Medicine and author of Ritual Baths: Be Your Own Healer.

Deborah has fascinating wisdom to share on the most essential ways to consider energy, love, self-care, and connection.

In episode 27, Sophia explores Deborah's perspectives on money and its energetic influence on our well-being and even on our children.

Deborah describes the energetic powers of money, and that we should consider...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress with Kelsey Patel

healing spaces self-care Oct 14, 2020

by Sophia Ruan Gushée; podcast produced by Chris Robertson



Whenever I want a boost in my mood or energy, I connect with Kelsey Patel.

She and I don't know each other that well (she lives in LA while I live in NYC), so I connect with her energy through either her podcast, Magik Vibes, or her email newsletter.

I also can feel her healing, loving energy when reading her newly published book Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout,...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Heal Your EMF With Energy Medicine

emf detox podcast self-care Oct 02, 2020

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


Life is feeling pretty overwhelming now as we feel more chaos, uncertainty, divide, fear, and worry than ever. More things than ever feel out of our control.

What I love about this podcast is that it centers on the small things we can control, like our thoughts and energy, which can also help us craft a better future. One of my favorite parts of this podcast with Dr. Jill Blakeway, author of the book Energy Medicine: The Science...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Meditation 101 with Tal Rabinowitz, Founder of Den Meditation

podcast self-care May 12, 2020

Podcast composer: Chris Robertson

Podcast Intro

As someone who is always looking to find the opportunities in difficult situations, I have been wondering how we can make the most from our covid-19 pandemic. That’s a big question, I know. But zoning in on YOU, is an invaluable starting point. And a manageable one.

Simply noticing things is transformative. Noticing your fears, and what brings you joy. Noticing which relationships drain, or fuel, your energy. Noticing what kind of work...

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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Vision therapy with holistic optometrist, Dr. Marc Grossman

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Podcast composer: Chris Robertson


Bonus Resources

Click here to download Dr. Grossman's free holistic eye health resources for Cataracts, Dry Eyes, Floaters, Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration & his Eye Exercise eBook. 

Often, it's never too late to improve your eyes!

Have you ever heard that your eye health—like your vision—does not necessarily have to deteriorate with age? And that some eye issues can sometimes even be...

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🎧 NEW CORONAVIRUS Podcast: Optimize your immune response to covid-19 with Dr. David O. Carpenter

I'm so excited to share this podcast with you!

While sick (probably from the novel coronavirus), I wondered: 

With my value system of practical nontoxic living, what is the appropriate perspective given our novel coronavirus?

I wondered this for my family and I as much as for you.

More specifically, I was trying to understand:

Are toxic cleaning products worthwhile now because of the novel coronavirus?

Homebound with family members on wireless devices, are our EMF exposures...

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