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Zero Waste: 5 Tips for a Low Waste Lifestyle

waste detox Aug 28, 2019

Did you know that one crucial way to detox your home and bodies is to detox what you throw away? Some of our garbage will persist in our environment for decades, and some for centuries.

Our oceans now have five "garbage patches," or areas of dense garbage that aggregate from swirls of currents. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is commonly referenced, and described as twice the size of Texas.

A 2018 article on PBS News Hour(1) estimated that the Great Pacific Garbage...

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Infrared Saunas 101

self-care waste detox Aug 15, 2019

My path into wellness started by my search for good science. With the topic of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic fields, there are many conflicting and alarming opinions. So when I started researching this topic (for what later became research for my book A to Z of D-Toxing), I hunted down good studies (objective, replicated, well-designed) and stats.

As I explore ways to detox and heal in the most natural (least harmful) ways available to most of us, the good...

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Waste Detox: August Theme

waste detox Aug 12, 2019

August is our month to meditate on how we can detox our waste.  

When I use the word waste, I'm not only talking about our body's natural detoxification outcomes (like sweat, urine, ..., etc), but I'm also referring to what we discard—which ends up in our landfills, oceans, air, soil, and ultimately our bodies.

One lesson I keep learning through various examples is that everything is connected. For example, the purity of our bodies, homes, and planet are...

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